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Recovery of Amicas
09 February 2019 10a
Atomic Empire in Durham

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Main » 2017 » January » 14 » The Safka Expedition: Part V
7:21 PM
The Safka Expedition: Part V

After defeating the demons in the potion lab, Yalandra, Flan, Dar-Wynn, and Kurdreg take turns sampling the magical liquids. Each person is imbued with different powers and flaws. Among them, Flan discovers that she is pregnant (of course only she believes this), Dar-Wynn gains the head of a cat, and after several physical changes to Kurdreg, he finally succumbs to potion of instant death. The party gathers up the rest of the magic fertilizer and the heads of the four demons that were slain and heads (pun intended) back to Safka.

We are greeted by the grateful townsfolk upon our return. Kurdreg's family were saddened to hear of his death. At some point, Flan becomes convinced that Nori is the father of her child. The party rests up, and a week later Kurdreg is burned upon a funeral pyre at his funeral held by his family. Afterward, Trey shows up in town with a large backpack with a jar full of the magic fertilizer. She relays the story about what had happened out in the forest with the demons and about the fertilizer. She has taken it upon herself to distribute the fertilizer to the surrounding towns.

Lead Tiger arrives in town and introduces himself to the party. Konraad, Kurdreg's brother, also introduces himself to the party. Lead Tiger and Konraad join the group to replace Kudreg and Flan (who must stay in town to take caure of her unborn baby). The town mayor is very concerned about the townsfolk who have become afflicted with madness, but despite is objections he loans the group another horse and cart to continue the adventure.

We load up the cart with eight half kegs of beer to continue the trading expedition. Konraad takes it upon himself to try the potions that killed his brother. He ends up with a cat head and other weirdness. He can now keep Dar-Wynn company in their feline-ness. We head back towards the coast to follow the coastline in the direction of our destination. Once at the sea, we do a lot of fishing...and then some more fishing. After five days of fishing we are attacked by some giant crabs in the dead of night. It ends with us having our fill of crab meat. Yum. We spend a few more days fishing to create smoked fish to take with us for food and for trading. On the last day on the beach, we encounter a wraith who attacks us. Due to some insane buffs from Dar-Wynn, we kill the poor undead bastard.

Konraad is able to heal the party, but he took some semi-permanent constitutional damage. One more day of fishing yielded us thirty one pounds of dried fish. That's a lot. We continue on our journey and come across an overturned wagon. After searching the site we come across a letter from the mayor of Falson-by-the-Ewe requesting Alduin to come to the town as quickly as possible. Alduin, unfortunately, came to an unfortunate end when the wagon overturned.

We wrap Alduin's body in cloth and carry him with us on our way to Falson-by-the-Ewe. That night while we are resting, we are attacked by a pack of wolves. In the middle of the fight, we hear a horn sound in the distance and a group of men and horses pulling a cart approach. The wolves, alerted by their presence, disappear into the dark wilderness. We manage to kill two of them before the rest run off. The group of men that showed up during our fight with the wolves are on their way to Amberville. They offer to take us there, but we respectfully decline.

We heal up after the fight with the wolves, and that is where our story leaves off.

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