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After a three day journey to the outskirts of the vale (as far as she deemed safe to venture), Rahimira returns home to her cabin at the edge of Falcon's Hallow. She had taken the trek in order to hunt for game that was scarce in the Hallow, but plentiful deeper within the vale. The more rare animal pelts will fetch a higher price with the merchant caravans that frequent the town. She hopes that the bright silver furs will also bring her coin of the same color. She also wonders how her good friend Randallo had fared with the dried meats and figurines that she had sent with him to sell at market before she left for her trip. She wouldn't be surprised to find him passed out on her pallet after helping himself to some of her stock of ale and dried meats. When she enters her cabin, instead of her friend, she finds a note on her table on top of what looks to be finely crafted leather armor.

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Category: Darkmoon Vale | Views: 508 | Added by: Robyn | Date: 06 Jul 2014

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