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Excerpt from Pint Bloodhorns' journal;

It's been nearly three days since Bay-Wynn and I ran into this rag-tag group of adventurers and there's still no sign of the children we're supposed to be looking for. I'd say I'm starting to doubt their tracking skills, but I did that as soon as I laid eyes on them. Still, they've provided decent meat shields so far and Bay-Wynn's bickering with the gnome Randallo amuses me, so it's unlikely we'll be parting ways any time soon, not at least until we've found my axe. We holed up in the monastery's tower after our harrowing encounter with the creatures in the darkness, tomorrow we'll be searching the rest of the building while making sure to avoid that blasted room.

If I had any shred of decency left I'd probably be embarrassed about not knowing what happened to this temple seeing that it's clearly dwarven in design. Truth is that I ... Read more »

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