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The Journal of Tank Bloodhorn.

Original Dwarven: Sniff. Fings attacked us, I bashed ‘em. Sniff. Cuzin Pint got lost in a bush. No one else did nuffin. Sniff. I need somfink else to smash. Whose round is it?

Translated into Common: While the rest of the party healed up, bound wounds, and cleaned their weapons, the sly and stealthy Elf Bae-Wynn set about exploring the seemingly abandoned Goblin village. All she found were a couple of Goblin babies we she handed off to the bemused Dwarven cousins, who hastily passed the children onto Mira, the Half-Orc ranger. Going back to investigate the crude shanty town, Bae-Wynn was ambushed by the leader of the tribe, an impossibly tall and thin Goblin wielding a nasty-looking club, but the Elf’s natural charm managed at least to get the Goblin leader agree to talk. The two Goblin infants were returned to the remaining Goblin warrior ... Read more »

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