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Excerpt from Pint Bloodhorns' journal:

Sodding wet.

Back again in this blasted cathedral and this time we're going deeper into the catacombs underneath. Not too surprising that its got bloody tunnels running every which way considering it was a dwarven temple of worship, but come on, the closest dwarven settlement is hundreds of miles away -- I should know coming from there -- what could they possibly need these extensive tunnels for? Bloody fanatics.

Anyway, deep tunnels are really the least of me problems right now. We ran into some well infested with eyes and some other beasties that like to yank blokes by the ankles and try to drown them. Ya know, like blasted cowards, instead of fighting toe to toe like real dwarves.

One of them pulled me down deep and I spent the better part of a minute struggling with the fiend underwater. I could hear me comrades struggling in the surface with some other beasts of their own. Every time ... Read more »
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