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A Letter to the Followers of Gozreh in Falcon’s Hollow

Dear Friends,

In my journeys, I managed to find myself on an errand to find the paladin Godric, who set out with a party of explorers to investigate an ancient dwarven temple site near here. I set out cautiously alone to track the company down.

When I finally encountered the party within the temple, I found their situation dire. I caught a glimpse of a large tentacle lifting one of the explorers into the air, followed by a splash and many sounds of terror and struggle. As the rush of battle hit me, I lost my usual composure. Hoping that the water below was deep enough to keep me buoyant, I called on all that within nature that is chaotic, ran past an elf standing at the edge of the cliff and leapt over. What seemed to me at first to be a beautiful dive, flattened out as I fell, sending me flopping into the water with a thud. So much for my grand entrance!

After the kraken-like cr ... Read more »
Category: Darkmoon Vale | Views: 370 | Added by: Chris | Date: 26 Sep 2015

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