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Four of the Search/Destroy agents (Graves, Stingr, Ironfoot and Raven) opted to follow the warrant for Dunky Pizer, a petty criminal who had escaped from jail and fled to the recently terraformed world of Laredo. Although the reward for Pizer was minimal, the agents were aware that he might know the whereabouts of Willy Blanko, a major criminal figure with a much more substantial price on his head (the Galactic Crime Commission, or GCC, were offering 400,000 credits).

Graves' attempt at finding cheaper travel tickets backfired and the foursome ended up having to pay over-the-odds for steerage passage on a Galactic Colonial flight (which was temporarily delayed due to one of the ship's brain's tenor singers contracting croop and a replacement having to be found). After the long warp trip the agents arrived at Whostone, the only major city on Laredo and hired a van that was large enough to take all four of them out into the wilds to the frontier town of Galvez ... Read more »

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