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Esteemed Elders,

Here is the continuation of our adventure within the wizard's cabin.

Once we made our exit from the termite hole we heard what we first thought was a bird. Instead, once we took a closer look we realized it was a Stirge. A horrendous mix between a giant mosquito and a bat. Presumably this must have been the wizard's familiar.  We deviced a few plans to deal with it for without its master it had turn feral and hostile towards anything that presented itself as a meal; in this case us.

Our two options were as follows; lure it with a termite into some runic mines courtesy of our cleric or have our bard fascinate it for a short while until we could make our exit.  We decide on the former with our rogue throwing a snare for good measure. If it succeeds the Stirge would be both damage and trapped, an easy target for the rest of our party. It did succeed, partially, the Stirge fell for the runes and triggered them but proves too qui ... Read more »

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