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20 October 2018 10a
Atomic Empire in Durham

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The party climbs to top of tower and sees that there are hundreds of demons. Town has been evacuated to the Dragon's den and are safe behind metal doors. Davian notices a dragon tail on a distant mountain range. Darwin attempts to call for boots but does not get a response. The group needs a plan to get to the mountain. Gran says that there is a secret passage of tunnels, but that they have to distract the demons. Cantankerous, Gran and two guards are with an old fairy in the kitchen. The group hears muffled wails of pain. The guard is grinding the fairy into dust which is put into ale. Cantankerous drinks the ale and runs out into demon horde. The group see that Chippy & Jumpy are standing on a roof. The door closes behind Cantankerous. The group hears explosions. Regalia leads the group through secret tunnels which come out next to the dragon's den.

They travel through a corn field, across a creek and come out at an upslope towards a plateau. They hear noises that they r ... Read more »
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