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The following is an excerpt of Pint Bloodhorn's adventuring journal. No date given, just words furiously scribbled together with no apparent sense or reason behind them.

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Category: Darkmoon Vale | Views: 505 | Added by: Juan | Date: 21 Feb 2015

The Journals of Nj├Ârd Eissen - A Boost into the Bastion

Coming out of my strange stupor, I was surprised to learn of the mission before us. We waited quietly outside of an apparent asylum for the insane! A tall gate stood at the front with an apparent guard slot for viewing. My party walked the walled perimeter looking for an alternate entrance, or rather, a way to sneak in. Our only option was to either boost a willing member over or to devise some befuddling farce to get past the guard. While Tank, Pint and I debated on who would pretend to be a prisoner in our scheme, Bay-Winn and Otho volunteered to venture over the wall in the alternate. We traveled to the backside wall and hoisted them over. They were to sneak towards the front gate and unlock it from the inside. We were on our way back to the front to meet our compatriots when we heard the familiar sounds of struggle. It seems our friends had found some foes. Immediately beneat ... Read more »

Category: Darkmoon Vale | Views: 495 | Added by: Michael | Date: 15 Jan 2015

Happy adventurering parties are all alike; every unhappy adventure party is unhappy in its own way.

This particular day we were all unhappy in a "what the hell are we doing in this maze way!? Don't horrible things usually live in the middle of mazes?

Njord really wasn't himself that day. Not sure if it was the stress of the maze or the potential STD that had him acting all strange like.

(Editors note: No idea what is going to happen if she turns up pregnant. Being a water based scorcerer... nah... no jokes about what will happen when the water breaks).

We wandered the maze heroically. The sunlight took every opportunity to reflect off of Pints brilliantly polished armor.

(editors note: he says that the blood of battle looks better against clean armor. I just wish he would clean the INSIDE of the armor too! Arghh! The smell! Ya know what he smells like?! He smells like a really ... Read more »

Category: Darkmoon Vale | Views: 522 | Added by: Jessi | Date: 02 Jan 2015

The Journal of Tank Bloodhorn.

Original Dwarven: Sniff. Fings attacked us, I bashed ‘em. Sniff. Cuzin Pint got lost in a bush. No one else did nuffin. Sniff. I need somfink else to smash. Whose round is it?

Translated into Common: While the rest of the party healed up, bound wounds, and cleaned their weapons, the sly and stealthy Elf Bae-Wynn set about exploring the seemingly abandoned Goblin village. All she found were a couple of Goblin babies we she handed off to the bemused Dwarven cousins, who hastily passed the children onto Mira, the Half-Orc ranger. Going back to investigate the crude shanty town, Bae-Wynn was ambushed by the leader of the tribe, an impossibly tall and thin Goblin wielding a nasty-looking club, but the Elf’s natural charm managed at least to get the Goblin leader agree to talk. The two Goblin infants were returned to the remaining Goblin warrior ... Read more »

Category: Darkmoon Vale | Views: 434 | Added by: Bad-Ash | Date: 05 Dec 2014

“OPEN UP!” Pint Bloodhorn bangs at the door of the temple. Impatient, he curls his hefty fist and raises it to again hammer against the wood when it flings open. The priestess, looking very distressed, surveys the groups. Her displeasure is apparent, but she does not voice her anger at his discourteous manner. Before Tank can further damage the situation, Bay-Wynn steps forward to beseech the healer.

“My lady, our friend is in dire need of your assistance. We would be humbled if you would offer us your assistance.”

“Of course, my child. Please, bring him in” the healer urges.

The group enters the temple and Mira looks to the healer. When she waves a hand over a large waist high stone altar, Mira lays Otho across it. Though it is well past sunset, the temple is bright with the light of thousands of candles, including three ornate wrought iron chandeliers hanging high above their he ... Read more »

Category: Darkmoon Vale | Views: 505 | Added by: Robyn | Date: 21 Nov 2014

We begin our story in the Sitting Duck tavern as we attempt to wrangle the ranger, Badiel, into caring that there may be a necro-cult in his midst.  He could care less.  He was mildly amused by the signet ring of the Necromancer he had been tracking down after killing his father.  He gave us 100g reward (minus the cost of the drinks).  The map of the Hall of Dead Heroes did pique his interest but we snatched away our map to its location before he had a chance to study it at length.  I don't trust him.  

Attempting to arouse interest in the cult with the local "good" Necromancer didn't seem to work either.  People just don't care about cults the way they used to.  During our conversation with the N'mancer, Bay-Wynn attempted to gain access to his laboratory to search for clues that might link him to the cult.  Nothing was found.  Another d ... Read more »

Category: Darkmoon Vale | Views: 470 | Added by: Russ | Date: 06 Nov 2014

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