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The Journals of Njörd Eissen - The Caves of Necromantic Mystery

“And may this foul creature rest tranquilly forever in the same squalor and filth that he preferred.”

With those words, said at every Goblin burial, Nobbla’s somber and impromptu funeral came to a close. We wrapped him in the leftover pelt of the fatal feline killer and laid him to rest.

Afterwards, we searched the cavern. Across the way, a brick wall stood, behind us, a ledge. I benevolently provided a boost to our bard, Bay-Winn, in order to ascend. Upon the ledge she discovered the the skeletal remains of a black robed figure. Upon his persons, besides tattered and unkempt covering, gold, a signet ring, and magical blue vials. Magical detection determined the intent of these potions, being of the ability to cure light wounds. We surmised that the remains belonged to one of the necromancers that we had heard of in the area. This morose discovery prompted many new theories as ... Read more »
Category: Darkmoon Vale | Views: 448 | Added by: Michael | Date: 26 Oct 2014

Excerpt from Pint Bloodhorns' journal;

Still alive.

I'll be honest, I did not expect to come out of this in one piece. It's not that I doubted my battle prowess, I think I've proven there's no one tougher than a dwarf through my actions, but when you're down there in the dungeons, it's not always about skill or strength. Sometimes, you're just unlucky enough to fall in a spike pit or inhale something you shouldn't have. Dungeon crawling can be heavily dependent on good fortune and given what we've been through so far, I wasn't completely sure our luck would hold out.

Randallo was dead and so was Godric, though I knew them only for a short time, I had consider them part of my unit, my brothers in arms, and I took their loss harder than I imagined. Especially Godric, poor bastard, it was definitely not his time.

When I stood toe to toe with that blasted Fire Spawn, it was not my skill that I doubted, but my luck. I was sure that the bli ... Read more »
Category: Darkmoon Vale | Views: 513 | Added by: Juan | Date: 06 Oct 2014

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

We had dispatched the Kobold king and his wizard. We all stood victorious and covered in the blood of our enemy. Still there were mixed emotions where most would rejoice. The children were safe and we had recovered a pile of loot to boot. Inside though, all of us knew that we were only half way there. We still had to get out of this all-gods forsaken place. Given our current state which was best described as exhausted and almost spell-less, this would most likely not be a simple task.

Gnobbla identified one particular piece of loot that was especially valuable. Valuable in a way that could result in the party owning our own small kingdom with endless hedonistic luxuries including having our subjects waive banners to our heroics every day at noon.

But our comrades bodies lay strewn throughout the dungeon. There could be no celebration when the cost was so high. Pint rose and leaning his weight up ... Read more »
Category: Darkmoon Vale | Views: 443 | Added by: Jessi | Date: 01 Oct 2014

Our adventure continues as we have rescued four of the five children we were sent to protect.  Four in our charge as we scour the underground kobold stronghold for the last.  We encounter another group of kobolds with one of their devil-frog pets.  Nobbla attempts some daring acrobatics but fails miserably.  Despite his best efforts, he was still able to do some damage to our foes.  Nobbla's pet attempts to enter the fray but fails epically when it manages to bite himself nearly to death.  Njörd, with the wave of his hands was able to send the remaining kobold off to a fiery death.  Nobbla was saved through the heroic efforts of Otho Halfbottom and his superior healing skills (although his melee skills were not quite up to par evidenced by his less than deft u ... Read more »

Category: Darkmoon Vale | Views: 412 | Added by: Russ | Date: 10 Sep 2014

The Journals of Njörd Eissen - Day of rescue

This is the first chance I gotten to write and reflect in the last few days. Much afoul has taken place. I lost one group of travelers, was captured and tortured by kobolds, and have been accepted by another band of adventurers. I mourn the loss of my dear friends, but am grateful for this new acceptance. This alliance does come with its own share of loss. We’ve already suffered two deaths in our quest to recover the captured children. All but one child has been rescued and I cannot stop until we find them all.

We recovered Jurin from a horrendous beast. This Forgespurned bashed while its animated chains thrashed. Many in our party were in and out of consciousness, but the noble cleric, Otho, halted death for most. During the fight, a goblin ran in with what appeared to be a giant rat at his side. His control of this beast was lacking, but they attacked the molten menace before we could discern any harmful in ... Read more »
Category: Darkmoon Vale | Views: 468 | Added by: Michael | Date: 02 Sep 2014

In Memorium - The following is the surviving fragments of Randallo Talborment's last letter home to his mother. Never completed, it and many earlier letters were found on his corpse by his fellow adventurers and mailed upon their return to civilization.

So Ma, where was I? I don't get much chance to write these days, so busy running the town and all. It's a busy life, being Mayor, and Chief Fire Warden, Marshal of the Watch, Head of the Thieves' Guild, Tour Guide, and Official Town Welcomer. Yeah, you're little boy made good. I'm doing a whole heck of a lot better for myself than my half-sister Candi. Seriously, who takes a Gnome bounty hunter seriously? I still don't know why she's your favourite.

Anyway, if I remember rightly Ma, we had just escaped from some dragons (yes, Ma, dragons, big ones too, the Bard with us, whazzername, um... Bae-Wynn, I think, anyway, she can back me up on this, they were dragons) only due to my expertise and sheer skill at f ... Read more »
Category: Darkmoon Vale | Views: 407 | Added by: Bad-Ash | Date: 09 Aug 2014

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