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The Journals of Njörd Eissen - Day of rescue

This is the first chance I gotten to write and reflect in the last few days. Much afoul has taken place. I lost one group of travelers, was captured and tortured by kobolds, and have been accepted by another band of adventurers. I mourn the loss of my dear friends, but am grateful for this new acceptance. This alliance does come with its own share of loss. We’ve already suffered two deaths in our quest to recover the captured children. All but one child has been rescued and I cannot stop until we find them all.

We recovered Jurin from a horrendous beast. This Forgespurned bashed while its animated chains thrashed. Many in our party were in and out of consciousness, but the noble cleric, Otho, halted death for most. During the fight, a goblin ran in with what appeared to be a giant rat at his side. His control of this beast was lacking, but they attacked the molten menace before we could discern any harmful in ... Read more »
Category: Darkmoon Vale | Views: 499 | Added by: Michael | Date: 02 Sep 2014

In Memorium - The following is the surviving fragments of Randallo Talborment's last letter home to his mother. Never completed, it and many earlier letters were found on his corpse by his fellow adventurers and mailed upon their return to civilization.

So Ma, where was I? I don't get much chance to write these days, so busy running the town and all. It's a busy life, being Mayor, and Chief Fire Warden, Marshal of the Watch, Head of the Thieves' Guild, Tour Guide, and Official Town Welcomer. Yeah, you're little boy made good. I'm doing a whole heck of a lot better for myself than my half-sister Candi. Seriously, who takes a Gnome bounty hunter seriously? I still don't know why she's your favourite.

Anyway, if I remember rightly Ma, we had just escaped from some dragons (yes, Ma, dragons, big ones too, the Bard with us, whazzername, um... Bae-Wynn, I think, anyway, she can back me up on this, they were dragons) only due to my expertise and sheer skill at f ... Read more »
Category: Darkmoon Vale | Views: 439 | Added by: Bad-Ash | Date: 09 Aug 2014

Bar-Wynn's Bards notes journal –

The tale of Pint, Big Damn Dwarven Hero: (Draft – version 1)

We woke to a glorious sunrise and a nice breeze, which meant that everyone in the party made sure to not stand down wind of Pint. The party felt better after a good nights rest and some food, but we weren't ready to head back into the mouth of that lion of a dungeon that bit us yesterday just yet. Our cleric gained his god's blessings for our party and bestowed healing upon the group. Whatever foul creatures inhabit this keep are are strong. Yet no matter the foe Pint remains fearless in their presence.

(editors note: I think I just threw up in my mouth while writing that)

Decending into the abysal darkness we stumbled upon an odd sight. Kobolds. Kobolds carrying Obsidian to make mirrors. Several of them were armed and had prisoners. Pint drew his axe, his battle cry echoing off the walls - and heads fell. Oh, and G ... Read more »

Category: Darkmoon Vale | Views: 461 | Added by: Jessi | Date: 08 Aug 2014

Excerpt from Pint Bloodhorns' journal;

It's been nearly three days since Bay-Wynn and I ran into this rag-tag group of adventurers and there's still no sign of the children we're supposed to be looking for. I'd say I'm starting to doubt their tracking skills, but I did that as soon as I laid eyes on them. Still, they've provided decent meat shields so far and Bay-Wynn's bickering with the gnome Randallo amuses me, so it's unlikely we'll be parting ways any time soon, not at least until we've found my axe. We holed up in the monastery's tower after our harrowing encounter with the creatures in the darkness, tomorrow we'll be searching the rest of the building while making sure to avoid that blasted room.

If I had any shred of decency left I'd probably be embarrassed about not knowing what happened to this temple seeing that it's clearly dwarven in design. Truth is that I ... Read more »

Category: Darkmoon Vale | Views: 501 | Added by: Juan | Date: 16 Jul 2014

After a three day journey to the outskirts of the vale (as far as she deemed safe to venture), Rahimira returns home to her cabin at the edge of Falcon's Hallow. She had taken the trek in order to hunt for game that was scarce in the Hallow, but plentiful deeper within the vale. The more rare animal pelts will fetch a higher price with the merchant caravans that frequent the town. She hopes that the bright silver furs will also bring her coin of the same color. She also wonders how her good friend Randallo had fared with the dried meats and figurines that she had sent with him to sell at market before she left for her trip. She wouldn't be surprised to find him passed out on her pallet after helping himself to some of her stock of ale and dried meats. When she enters her cabin, instead of her friend, she finds a note on her table on top of what looks to be finely crafted leather armor.

... Read more »

Category: Darkmoon Vale | Views: 546 | Added by: Robyn | Date: 06 Jul 2014

The Story So Far…

Our tale opens with the gnome Randallo, Randy for short, helpfully showing two newcomers around the frontier town of Falcon’s Hollow. He leads the wily half elf Corgana and bellowing human Godric to the local pub, The Sitting Duck, for a drink. Corgana, who has previously led an austere life as a monk-in-training, gets her first taste of ale. Meanwhile, chatter around the bar reveals that several children have gone missing since last night, with the frantic teen Rella being particularly distraught over the disappearance of her younger brother. Godric wisely suggests that the children might be found praying at the local temple. Upon traveling there they are confronted by the cantankerous cleric Cynthra who confirms both that the children are not there and that she is kind of a bitch.

With his knowledge of the local scene, Randy takes our heroes to the place where all the cool kids hang and flashes a ... Read more »

Category: Darkmoon Vale | Views: 542 | Added by: Anthony | Date: 15 Jun 2014

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