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Recovery of Amicas
24 August 2019 10a
Atomic Empire in Durham

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When some of the space hillbillies ran off to pillage some local caravans, they were captured and interrogated by a group of Paladins known as the Order of the Iron Sun. The Party managed to hide the existence of the refugees from the investigating Paladin, one Tristan the Lawful, for now. The occupation of the southern fort will likely not remain a secret forever, but some time has been bought. The party traveled with Tristan north to visit the main chapterhouse of the order, talk to the grandmaster of the Iron Sun, and take a job hunting down a necromancer before fleeing the night-time battle. 
The party discovers the ruins the Necromancer is using for a base, and deals with some Gnoll squatters before calling it a night. 
NPCs      Status 
... Read more »
Category: Rise and Fall | Views: 578 | Added by: Rob | Date: 02 Aug 2013

You currently have a castle! And a Spaceship! Also guns, though their ammo is limited. The ship informs you that obtaining more ammunition will range from "non-trivial" to "impossible" depending on what happens to her systems when they come back up. Currently the ship is operating on little more than a trickle of power to run the repair bots and some basic gravity control to defend the exterior. It has provided the captain with a communicator, though the ship comms are currently inoperable. 
What I need from you guys is some info on how you want to proceed. The ship will be stuck in this state for approximately 3 months, and if you are going to plant a crop this season, you simply cannot wait that long. Are you going to travel? Hide out at the Fort and repair it? Did you ever decide what to do with your impish minion Kuluk, and his one-eyed ... Read more »
Category: Rise and Fall | Views: 623 | Added by: Rob | Date: 19 Jul 2013

The party, having arrived in their new land, identifies their most immediate problem as needed a clean and plentiful source of water for their refugee caravan. Using logical deduction, based on the location of the mountains to the west, the party begins searching for a river. Instead they discover a burned out farmhouse that is serving as a base for some necromancer cultists. The party kills all but one of the cultists, and questions the survivor about their current situation, discovering that it is "about" fifty years since the events known collectively as "The Fall" occurred. 
The cultist reveals that there are rivers to the north and the south, and a road passing from one to the other. On the southern river is an abandoned-yet-occupied Fort, and on the norther river is a hamlet, complete with functional ferry. There are also woods to the ... Read more »
Category: Rise and Fall | Views: 611 | Added by: Rob | Date: 07 Jun 2013

We stood atop the tower, me trying to get my bearings, the rest trying to figure out what to do next, when Atterwood took a small lens he'd found and placed it in a spy-glass that was mounted to the center of the roof. Peering through, we were shocked to see Verna, the weretigress, standing at a window in a tower in the distance. Knowing that Leptor couldn't be far if Verna was here, we left immediately and went off in the direction of that other tower. Luckily for us that was the same direction the silver path led.

It wasn't long before we found the path we were on flanked by thousands upon thousands of ghost-like dwarves and elves. Dukek and I were visibly disturbed, as these massive numbers could only mean that Sirrith had stolen the souls of the dead from the battle before Tarimthol-El. I was not born yet at the time of the great battle, but Dukek was there and so set off immediately to try to find an old comrade. The rest of us waited for a few minute ... Read more »
Category: Northlands | Views: 590 | Added by: Michelle | Date: 11 Nov 2004

I have been fighting. That is all that is certain. I have been told I was only separated from the group for a day or two, but it feels like at least a decade. I do not know what I have been fighting, nor where, least of all why. I dislike having my memory played with in such a way. It was hard enough to do so voluntarily, it's an invasion of my self to have it done to me against my will. The clear memories consist of stepping between the columns, fighting, and appearing on top of a tower in a blasted heath, exhausted, on my knees, and coughing up blood.

Atterwood and Dukek later gave me a brief version of what the rest had gone through in my absence. It seems that while I found myself fighting, they were instead transported to this dream-world, filled with shadows of reality and illusions in every corner. There is a friend in this false world though, in the form of a thin silvery path that seems to keep them in safe areas. Their explorations brought them t ... Read more »
Category: Northlands | Views: 519 | Added by: Michelle | Date: 21 Oct 2004

We finished dealing with the mass of orcs and their ogre-mage master and were desperately trying to catch our breaths and understand the transformation that had come over Atterwood and Kanar (as well as our apparent betrayal at the hands of Barille, when we heard humanoid voices coming from an adjoining chamber. Atterwood proved his loyalty, even in undeath, by using one of his more powerful spells to seal off that entrance, giving us a few minutes at the least. We immediately took stock of our situation and provisions and added to them by looting the body of the mage. From the ogre's body our gnome friend managed to find the spell-book, including a chant that allowed him to open up an extra-dimensional safe haven that we all (except Rufo, who's skill at stealth should save his skin) clamored into. This spell proved unbelievably useful as it protected us from the cultists' search parties for the next two days while Barille called upon his god to restore our undead comrades to true life ... Read more »
Category: Northlands | Views: 507 | Added by: Michelle | Date: 08 Oct 2004

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