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Recovery of Amicas
09 March 2019 10a
Atomic Empire in Durham

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I have been fighting. That is all that is certain. I have been told I was only separated from the group for a day or two, but it feels like at least a decade. I do not know what I have been fighting, nor where, least of all why. I dislike having my memory played with in such a way. It was hard enough to do so voluntarily, it's an invasion of my self to have it done to me against my will. The clear memories consist of stepping between the columns, fighting, and appearing on top of a tower in a blasted heath, exhausted, on my knees, and coughing up blood.

Atterwood and Dukek later gave me a brief version of what the rest had gone through in my absence. It seems that while I found myself fighting, they were instead transported to this dream-world, filled with shadows of reality and illusions in every corner. There is a friend in this false world though, in the form of a thin silvery path that seems to keep them in safe areas. Their explorations brought them t ... Read more »
Category: Northlands | Views: 462 | Added by: Michelle | Date: 21 Oct 2004

We finished dealing with the mass of orcs and their ogre-mage master and were desperately trying to catch our breaths and understand the transformation that had come over Atterwood and Kanar (as well as our apparent betrayal at the hands of Barille, when we heard humanoid voices coming from an adjoining chamber. Atterwood proved his loyalty, even in undeath, by using one of his more powerful spells to seal off that entrance, giving us a few minutes at the least. We immediately took stock of our situation and provisions and added to them by looting the body of the mage. From the ogre's body our gnome friend managed to find the spell-book, including a chant that allowed him to open up an extra-dimensional safe haven that we all (except Rufo, who's skill at stealth should save his skin) clamored into. This spell proved unbelievably useful as it protected us from the cultists' search parties for the next two days while Barille called upon his god to restore our undead comrades to true life ... Read more »
Category: Northlands | Views: 448 | Added by: Michelle | Date: 08 Oct 2004

Our path through The Bowels led us to another small room where we were immediately assaulted by a set of four goblin-esque creatures that moved in startling synchronicity. Dukek dropped Lord Baltron's prone body in the rear of our marching formation as we readied ourselves for battle, but before we could even effectively set ourselves in fighting positions these beasts blinked all around us, transporting around and through our ranks without lifting a foot. Novarg, Dukek and I found their resistance to cold steel to be a bit lacking, and soon lost our initial fright. There were two brief points in the battle where things could have easily gotten worse, but we managed to pull things out alright. Firstly one of the goblins managed to get in the midst of our formation, right next to Bariel, Kanar and Rufo. Thankfully Dukek was close by to render aid before things got out of hand. Secondly about halfway through the battle the beasts morphed in such a way as I have never seen before. Their n ... Read more »
Category: Northlands | Views: 497 | Added by: Michelle | Date: 25 Sep 2004

A strange elven apparition stopped us dead in our tracks as we approached the fried orc's corpse. It was difficult to discern what he was trying to tell us, but we got the message that things were happening very swiftly and that we'd best head to the gatehouse as soon as possible, army at the White Knuckles be damned. We scrambled outside and Kanar, still in an incorporeal form thanks to very strange magicks, scouted the gatehouse for us and found nothing. We all followed after and confirmed that whatever Leptor and his minions had been up to, it was clear that they were no longer using this location as a base. I think Adderwood was looking forward to seeing what prizes could be found in Leptor's laboratory, but we didn't have time to sulk. A brief discussion led us to the conclusion that the culmination of this dog chase would occur at the temple site. Back to the teleport pad we went.

I was very eager to confront the foul wizard and discover what he'd done with the ruby Lord ... Read more »
Category: Northlands | Views: 509 | Added by: Michelle | Date: 11 Sep 2004

We sat to catch our breaths on the island near the temple and it quickly became apparent that we would need to replenish our resources more before fighting our way through the tower and over to the gatehouse to find Leptor's laboratory. (As a side note, it appears that my bite is not infected, thank Tamrith). A short note found on Leptor's body shortly before he vanished lent more confusion than actual information, as it insinuated that this maniacal human had at one time been the great dwarf Baltron's apprentice. After a brief discussion we went back to the mysterious deserted city to find a secure building to rest in. Rufo scouted ahead and found a lavish, if nerve racking, building that looked more recently abandoned than the rest of the city. We checked it out, but it gave Adderwood and Kanar a strange feeling, so we left it alone. There was a small servents outbuilding in the back that we decided to use as our defensive point, as it had only one door and was still within the outer ... Read more »
Category: Northlands | Views: 489 | Added by: Michelle | Date: 06 Aug 2004

We took our new treasures and decided to rest and recuperate before we ventured forth from the vault. As we camped we discussed and experimented with the items and discovered much that was not apparent at first glance. The Arrow is the last of a quiver that was used to slay an iron skinned beast. The Sword is indeed Esserial, but apparently the Grimorden it was used against was not trapped in the sphere, but rather hurled up to the stars. Diamasin decreed that the sword should used against the demon when it returns, but not be reforged until that day (which seems like it could be any minute now). The Armor was indeed that of great-great-great-grandfather Diamasin. As we thought, the sapling is the cutting of the Tree of Life, although it had an unexpected companion in the Silver Apple, which is possibly the last fruit of an unknown Tree of Knowledge. The Ring and Torc were both wedding gifts for Diamasin and Aedrinia. Lastly, the Tooth was both pulled from and used to slay the last kno ... Read more »
Category: Northlands | Views: 493 | Added by: Michelle | Date: 16 Jul 2004

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