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Recovery of Amicas
09 March 2019 10a
Atomic Empire in Durham

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We took our new key, boots and knowledge that a few books were missing in hand and decided to try our luck with the supposed teleport platform. After a good night's sleep that is. I took the bulk of the watch, as usual. It is truly useful not having to sleep. The humans must love having an elf in the party for at least that fact. There was a slight bump in the middle of the night from somewhere in the tower, but we were in no condition to investigate, so we stayed on the defensive and it passed. Morning came and Barrill prayed to Pelor to remove our captured Astalonian paladin's evil helmet. It seems his prayers were in vain, as the paladin remained under the curse despite the earnest pleas. I want to save this man, but our mission looms ahead of us, not allowing us to waver. We fed him and left him bound as we began experimenting with the portal. Gathering together, including Kanar's new pet were-tigress, we tested the toy and found ourselves first atop a very strange building.
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Category: Northlands | Views: 478 | Added by: Michelle | Date: 25 Jun 2004

We headed up the stairs of the bleak tower with Kanar still very disconcerted due to a minor infestation in her ear. Though we entered with the plan of subtlety and stealth, that plan was quickly dashed to the rocks as we rounded the corner and met a small gnomish spell-caster. This gentleman appeared to have no connection to the Cult of the Black Flame and so we were questioning his presence in the tower when a nearby door opened and shut. We were spotted! The dwarf, the human and I burst beyond the door and quickly took down the human knight we found in the next room. He was wearing the colors of a Paladin of Astalon so I pulled my swings and tried my best not to kill him. In truth his appearance sparked a memory of Liada's traveling companion Akelai. I could barely stand to swing the sword at him as this memory surfaced. This is dangerous beyond words for a number of reasons. Firstly, Liada did not exist, and to be drawn in by her emotions is to be drawn in by a lie. Secondly, any h ... Read more »
Category: Northlands | Views: 445 | Added by: Michelle | Date: 11 Jun 2004

I've finally returned, and there's much to do. Much evil in this world is trying to escape its bonds and so it must be stopped. But i'm getting ahead of myself. I suppose it would be best to start where the previous narrative left off.

Liada, Dukek, Kanar, Kangee, Rufo, Novarg and Sinedra had just made two narrow escapes, one from the forces of the Black Riders in the tunnels under Goats-Gate Pass, and another from Aslack Stoneworth of the Lion Clan. Cold, dressed in rags and near death they dragged themselves to the border of the Allanelle where they were met by a small group of elves. The fact that they were waiting for the group prompted a vicious outburst from Liada. The rest of the crew (ignoring Sinedra) simply seemed happy enough to be welcome somewhere, anywhere.

The party was led to Lothlor... er... Tamrithol-irl by Disen who explained a few of the basics of the political situation to them. He explained the current upheavel in leadership, Gorthamble's role as ... Read more »
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