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Recovery of Amicas
18 May 2019 10a
Atomic Empire in Durham

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       Recovery of Amicas

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***PLEASE NOTE: I will repost this content as a narrative when I post the write up for today's game (3/24/18)***

Davian searches for secret doors but does not find any. Davian does a survival check for traps but did not find any.

Everything is covered in a thick layer of fluffy dust, there is an ancient dwarven feel to the place, it is dark.

Davian casts light on his short sword to light the way for the party to continue to explore the immediate area. Davian performs a trap check of the stairs and everything looks clear.

The party comes to an open room, it is a grand and cavernous hall. Two mining cart tracks run across the room, one track ends in a rubble pile. There is a set of finely carved double doors stand at the North end of the room. A staircase also winds upward.

Davian examines the doors for traps and finds no traps.

Kat looks down the tracks and hears something in the darkness.

Darwynn ... Read more »
Category: Recovery of Amicas | Views: 179 | Added by: Melissa | Date: 24 Mar 2018

The mouth of the cave in the mountains was narrow but oh so deep. We began our trek into the long dark and it was countless hours lit only by our torches, and the stale are weighed heavy on our throats. Eventually the ebon monotony was interrupted by the labor of long dead artisans who left behind the strident lines carved into the stone walls. This was dwarven handiwork without a doubt. Despite the change in our surroundings, the journey continued for what seemed like days. Suddenly we came across a huge obsidian door. Not to be discouraged, Briga cast a knock spell upon the great portal and it granted us passage. And what did we find beyond? More dark. More tunnel.

Not too much further though we came across a dim light ahead and the rumblings of what sounded like ogres. Konraad slowly peered around the corner looking into a large chamber festooned with large ugly ogres indeed. Two slept while the rest of the bulbous creatures huddled around a large fire pit, eating mutto ... Read more »
Category: Recovery of Amicas | Views: 182 | Added by: Russ | Date: 22 Feb 2018

- Nathandrix is lost
- The group have to find captain Bartimaeous of the pirate ship Corgi.
- They decide to go through the mountains so they purchase climb kits
- Val does a survey of immediate area and there is a path a few miles west into mountains
- Near the town crops have been trampled by battle and there are spots of infected earth
- People are working to decontaminate. They burn the ground and then magic users freeze it
- Moving through light woods there are no animals. Trees have been chewed on
- Settle for the night in a rocky area and stagger watches
- Continuing the next day terrain becomes mostly rocky so travel becomes scrambled
- They come to a ravine, about 150ft down and 200 ft across. There is ariver at bottom
- Davian slips on the edge but manages to catch himself
- There was a bridge but it has been cut
- Using the rope Davian descends to the bottom
- Kat lowers Brega to the g ... Read more »
Category: Recovery of Amicas | Views: 184 | Added by: Robyn | Date: 10 Feb 2018

DarWynn's feline features curled into an uncomfortable sneer as the hircine monster holding her face inched the knife through her fur. Although she'd been interrogated before, this marked the first time since her mutation that anyone had forcefully shaven facial hair off as an intimidation tactic.

"How did you break in," Scryar repeatedly translated from the monsters' unintelligible language.

"You need to just answer the questions, DarWynn," he plead.

"We didn't break in!" She answered.

Scryar sighed and reluctantly translated DarWynn's eighth consecutive denial.

The monsters had shocked her with electrified irons to begin the interrogation, but could not continue without knocking her unconscious.

More monster gibberish followed as the shaving continued.

"Who is your Jack Coat leader?"

"What the hell is a Jack Coat?"

DarWynn did try to explain herself, relating the barel ... Read more »
Category: Recovery of Amicas | Views: 206 | Added by: Albert | Date: 13 Jan 2018

An elegant lizard being leans toward her companion and says, “So you heard about how the group of adventurers insulted and badgered an ancient stone bear warrior into helping them, right? The bear opened a portal that was supposed to take the adventurers where they wanted to go.

The mirror portal transported them to a hallway. The hallway was filled with fog. In one direction, they heard moaning. Davian decided to go first into the fog and darkness and promptly disappears. The moaning stops. And Kat takes this opportunity to put on her armor.

A voice is heard in the fog urging the group forward. Darwynn is called forward towards the fog. She sees a light behind Davian and tells him NOT to go into the light but it turns out that the light is coming from a room and is not a tunnel of light to the afterlife.

Davian tells Darwynn that there is someone she needs to meet. Darwynn goes forward and looks into the room. She sees a mud pit and a crouching c ... Read more »
Category: Recovery of Amicas | Views: 162 | Added by: Melissa | Date: 12 Jan 2018

"Tell me about your dream," I asked.

"Well, doc, I remember waking up on the side of a volcano where I was completely enveloped in a marshmallow. I woke up to several people who claimed to be my friends. I stood up and was urged to climb to the top of this volcano. I was disoriented because I could see no horizon, no sky. Only this volcano with this giant marshmallow oozing out of it."

"Sounds like a pleasant dream if you like marshmallow."

"I hate marshmallow."

"Sorry, please continue."

"So as I was saying, in this dream we all marched to the top of this volcano. At the top we could see that lava is flowing out of the opposite side from where we climbed, but there was a hole in the center of the volcano crater. I jumped into the hold only to find that gravity was different inside the tunnel so instead of a hold it became a long hallway. These 'friends' of mine followed me down the tunnel until we came upon a platform sur ... Read more »
Category: Recovery of Amicas | Views: 184 | Added by: Russ | Date: 12 Dec 2017

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