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Amicas [Jessi]
27 January 2018 10a
Atomic Empire in Durham

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Our latest warrant put us on the trail for Dokkus Dikkory. We had 500,000 credits on the line for this scumbag. He was a Bulboonean wanted for trans-dimensional larceny. We knew this meant he'd be a slippery one.

We loaded up on new equipment at the Dog House and did a little research on Mr. Dikkory. We found out that his home planet was about to celebrate their version of Mother's Day (which was celebrated once every 17 Earth years due to its incredibly slow solar orbit) and Dokkus loved his mother who still lived on Bulboonee 12.

We booked transport to the planet and checked into accommodations at the local Mu-tel. After we get settled into our rooms on the top floor we rent a buggy from a local rent-a-wreck company and then buy a tarp to keep the vehicle covered in case of rain and to hide our equipment from curious eyes. We store our heavy weaponry in the mu-tel safe and head to the local eatery to see if we can drum up some information on our mark. The r ... Read more »

Category: A Dogs' Life | Views: 365 | Added by: Russ | Date: 16 Jul 2016

AGENT'S REPORT - HOUSTONE - July 12th, 2180 SD AGENCY CONFIDENTIAL (Must be redacted prior to public release)

We met Picasso Jane back on the dirt road in the Sam Hills where we had left our borrowed cop car. Graves’ voice came over my com unit directing me to do what I could to disable Jane’s hovercraft. She wanted to prevent Jane from fleeing while we negotiated the distribution of bounties to be had from Blanko and his minions. After we took care of business, Jane explained to the others that Blanko is a Morph. Apparently, Morphs are able to prepare another body to move to upon the death of the current host. This process takes place naturally every five years. However, the Morph can expedite this process when threatened with enough time to prepare. Jane explained that this information was provided by Mr. Durante, who the team met previously. After this exchange, Jane was given back her gun. Graves and I worked on setting up separate com channel ... Read more »

Category: A Dogs' Life | Views: 296 | Added by: Chris | Date: 25 Jun 2016

We first find our heroes Dr. Jab and Corgibelle trying to take a space ship to rendezvous with their team who are in pursuit of William Blanko. Things start off the right way when Corgibelle attempts to swindle the spaceport clerk into giving them cheaper tickets but Dr. Jab simply decides to pay the normal price as he happens to be completely loaded.

Once they arrive to their destination Corgibelle once again thinks it’s a good idea to threaten the rent a car clerk instead of paying. Dr. Jab opts for the legal course of action and rents a van. The duo arrive to the designated town and find the streets splattered in blood and the charred remains of a car parked in front of the sheriff office; clear signs that their partners have already got to work.

The group informs their reinforcements that they are still on the lookout for William Blanko but have already encountered their thugs everywhere. They also have the local sheriff grudgingly indebted to the ... Read more »

Category: A Dogs' Life | Views: 274 | Added by: JuanSanchez | Date: 04 Jun 2016

Four of the Search/Destroy agents (Graves, Stingr, Ironfoot and Raven) opted to follow the warrant for Dunky Pizer, a petty criminal who had escaped from jail and fled to the recently terraformed world of Laredo. Although the reward for Pizer was minimal, the agents were aware that he might know the whereabouts of Willy Blanko, a major criminal figure with a much more substantial price on his head (the Galactic Crime Commission, or GCC, were offering 400,000 credits).

Graves' attempt at finding cheaper travel tickets backfired and the foursome ended up having to pay over-the-odds for steerage passage on a Galactic Colonial flight (which was temporarily delayed due to one of the ship's brain's tenor singers contracting croop and a replacement having to be found). After the long warp trip the agents arrived at Whostone, the only major city on Laredo and hired a van that was large enough to take all four of them out into the wilds to the frontier town of Galvez ... Read more »

Category: A Dogs' Life | Views: 310 | Added by: Ash | Date: 23 Apr 2016

After telling her story, Bay-Wynn motioned for us to cut the head off of the mummy. Bay-Wynn still held onto the magical cage that we had gained from the ancient dwarf shortly after I entered this place. The magic in the cage had not diminished. After we placed the head of the mummy in this cage, we were able to learn from the mummy that his “master” lay ahead. Soon, this adventure would be over, for good or for ill.

The corridor ahead was lined with sconces holding candles that burned with an intense white light. Ruins were spotted on the wall of the corridor signifying “death” in a least a dozen languages. We cautiously approached the end of the corridor where there was a kind of plug with a handle on it. We speculated that this may be one of the seals that Bay-Wynn spoke of, so we hesitated. We did not want to release the seal and unleash the Whispering Tyrant upon the world. Osric detected magic on the candles in the corridor, but surmised th ... Read more »

Category: Darkmoon Vale | Views: 286 | Added by: Chris | Date: 15 Feb 2016

The Second Letter to the Followers of Gozreh in Falcon’s Hollow
Part 1 – The Introduction and the Sojourn of Bay-Wynn

Dear Friends,

About two weeks have passed since I last wrote you. We have had many adventures and harrowing experiences exploring this ancient temple, and the task has fallen to me to record a conclusion to these events, and to find some meaningful lessons in them. What I once referred to as “the Party of Godric” has become over these many weeks, in my mind, the Party of Bay-Wynn. Bay-Wynn’s journey, you will discover, is one that is shared by us all. To understand this, we must first come to know Bay-Wynn.

Bay-Wynn, you see, was orphaned at a young age. She was told that her parents had been killed in a Dwarf raid long ago. Later, she learned the truth; her parents had died while involved in criminal activity. This instilled in Bay-Wynn a sense of alienation and distrust. She found s ... Read more »

Category: Darkmoon Vale | Views: 282 | Added by: Chris | Date: 12 Feb 2016

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