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Main » 2016 » July » 16 » A Dogs' Life: Dokkus Dikkory
7:43 AM
A Dogs' Life: Dokkus Dikkory

Our latest warrant put us on the trail for Dokkus Dikkory. We had 500,000 credits on the line for this scumbag. He was a Bulboonean wanted for trans-dimensional larceny. We knew this meant he'd be a slippery one.

We loaded up on new equipment at the Dog House and did a little research on Mr. Dikkory. We found out that his home planet was about to celebrate their version of Mother's Day (which was celebrated once every 17 Earth years due to its incredibly slow solar orbit) and Dokkus loved his mother who still lived on Bulboonee 12.

We booked transport to the planet and checked into accommodations at the local Mu-tel. After we get settled into our rooms on the top floor we rent a buggy from a local rent-a-wreck company and then buy a tarp to keep the vehicle covered in case of rain and to hide our equipment from curious eyes. We store our heavy weaponry in the mu-tel safe and head to the local eatery to see if we can drum up some information on our mark. The restaurant turned out to be a bust so we turned our attention to the local university to see if we could find his old student records and maybe find the location of his mother's house. Surprisingly we were able to get the information we needed from the kindly gentleman in the records office in the administration building. Sometimes being nice to people is better than shoving a plasma rifle in someone's mouth.

Using the GPS coordinates we acquired we set off in the buggy to find Dikkory's mother's homestead. It was located in a place called the Hinterlands. Four hours later we arrived at a long ridge overlooking the Dikkory family compound. We send in bugs to reconnoiter the area. All we find is his mother knitting balaclavas and cooking food. Apparently she was preparing for her son's arrival in the morning. Due to the nature of Dikkory's criminal activities we fully expect him to transdimensionally jump to this location rather than using traditional transport methods so we had to be ready for him.

Desdemona, Paul and Dr. Jab hid in the barn near the house. Des set up on top of the barn. I (Gustave) set up on the ridge overlooking the compound with my plasma rifle. Like clockwork, at first light, Dikkory and six of his known associates (Fug Guldoon, Nicko "Flattop" Vardy, Goggo Wilkins, Dally "Metalneck" Smith, Minah Torez, and Greyjacket) transported into the compound in a purple flash right in front of his mother's house. We announce to him we are here to take him in. Shockingly they refuse to comply and we begin our aggressive negotiation phase.

Dr. Jab manages to jam his grenade launcher right out of the gate, and Des completely misses the group with her tossed stun grenade. I mean really! How do you miss with a grenade? Dikkory, in the meantime, tries to pick off Des with his transdimensional weapon and just barely misses her. By the looks of the weapon it is a good thing too because we would be traveling to the other side of the galaxy to pick up her remains. I manage to get off a massive shot of my plasma rifle and do a ton of damage to the robot, Grayjacket. Paul hits the group with a stun grenade and ends up incapacitating one of the other thugs. My shot at Grayjacket unfortunately gets his attention really quick. He hits me with a blaster and nearly kills me, but I still manage to keep it together.

At this point the thugs run for cover. Dr. Jab tosses an EMP grenade into their midst that lands and disables all electronics including Grayjacket and Dikkory's horrifying weapon. Des misses with ANOTHER stun grenade, but in the meantime closes the distance gap on the group and uses her fear aura to incapacitate another thug. My worthless rifle skills rear their ugly head as I miss with my shot, but Paul tosses another stun grenade that puts Dokkus down. Fearing imminent defeat, the remaining thugs huddle around the station wagon parked in front of the house and attempt to teleport out. Thankfully the EMP had already put their TD device out of commission.

I get off a lucky shot and kill another one of the thugs. Des knocks out another one with her blaster. Paul blows off the leg of another (guess he won't be running a marathon anytime soon). The last two remaining conscious thugs surrender rather than faces imminent death. I am able to alter Grayjacket's inhibitor chip in order to permanently disable it.

A job well done I must say.

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