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Main » 2016 » June » 5 » A Dogs' Life: William Blanko (Part I)
4:06 PM
A Dogs' Life: William Blanko (Part I)

We first find our heroes Dr. Jab and Corgibelle trying to take a space ship to rendezvous with their team who are in pursuit of William Blanko. Things start off the right way when Corgibelle attempts to swindle the spaceport clerk into giving them cheaper tickets but Dr. Jab simply decides to pay the normal price as he happens to be completely loaded.

Once they arrive to their destination Corgibelle once again thinks it’s a good idea to threaten the rent a car clerk instead of paying. Dr. Jab opts for the legal course of action and rents a van. The duo arrive to the designated town and find the streets splattered in blood and the charred remains of a car parked in front of the sheriff office; clear signs that their partners have already got to work.

The group informs their reinforcements that they are still on the lookout for William Blanko but have already encountered their thugs everywhere. They also have the local sheriff grudgingly indebted to them by way of a rouge Strontium Dog agent called Picasso Jane who took the credit for their previous bounty. The group now has at their disposal however a police cruiser which will come in handy thanks to William Blanko’s thugs blowing up their previous ride.

Seeing that they are under-equipped, Dr. Jab ‘purchases’ armor for Raven from the sheriff by informing him of the actual market prizes for armor. Ashamed of his blatant prejudice towards mutants, the sheriff has no choice but to sell the armor by 25 percent of its original price.

As they plan out their next move, a mutant child son of a fellow by the name of Durante informs the group that Picasso Jane is currently having breakfast at a local café. The team pay the kid for his services handsomely and surround the café with Graves entering alone so she can parlay with Jane. The rival Agent attempts to strike a deal with the group offering them to work together in the eventual apprehension of William Blanko. However, the group find her terms unacceptable and decide to strike on their own. Although the group prepares themselves to follow Jane as she seems to already know Blanko’s location, they find that their ride has been tampered with by way of the Durante kid who had been paid off by Jane. The group pay the kid to fix their car whilst also talking to his parents to know if there’s any more information Jane had neglected to mention.

After a lengthy pursuit, the group eventually catch up with Jane in the mountains outside town where she’s pinned down by Blanko’s thugs. The group bargain with a wounded Picasso Jane and tell her they’ll be willing to rescue her if they get to keep more of the bounty and that she now owes them a favor.

Once the deal is struck, the group move in and easily dispatch the thugs by flanking them in a pincer position and taking them out with sniper fire whilst the main group kept them engaged.

As a reminder to all who dare challenge the dogs, the group replace the corpse placed in the mountain steppes with one of their own. They nail the decapitated corpse of one of Blanko’s thugs to a post and leave a warning on his chest.

“I used to think William Blanko was tough, until I messed with the Strontium Dogs.”

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