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Main » 2018 » February » 22 » Assassin's Greed
11:31 PM
Assassin's Greed
The mouth of the cave in the mountains was narrow but oh so deep. We began our trek into the long dark and it was countless hours lit only by our torches, and the stale are weighed heavy on our throats. Eventually the ebon monotony was interrupted by the labor of long dead artisans who left behind the strident lines carved into the stone walls. This was dwarven handiwork without a doubt. Despite the change in our surroundings, the journey continued for what seemed like days. Suddenly we came across a huge obsidian door. Not to be discouraged, Briga cast a knock spell upon the great portal and it granted us passage. And what did we find beyond? More dark. More tunnel.

Not too much further though we came across a dim light ahead and the rumblings of what sounded like ogres. Konraad slowly peered around the corner looking into a large chamber festooned with large ugly ogres indeed. Two slept while the rest of the bulbous creatures huddled around a large fire pit, eating mutton and grunting their foul utterings that passed for language. Davian was able to stealthily enter the room and slit the throat of one of the sleeping monsters without so much as a twitter. Davian continued to the opposite side of the room from the entrance but was stopped dead in his tracks. He then noticed that he was about to set off a trap that would drop a load of boulders on his head if he were to step off of the trigger in the floor. In order to save Davian (and hopefully the rest of the party), Briga cast invisibility on the rest of us. We sneak through the room over the two prone ogres, one still snoring and the other not snoring at all. After pulling the dead ogre's corpse over the floor trigger, we were able to save Davian from a crushing blow.

We leave behind all the rest of the ogres completely unaware that we were even there (at least for the time being). At the far end of the chamber we find two more ogres at the end of an antechamber to the left and a stairway leading down to the right. We take the stairs and find a landing with two more ogres standing guard donning huge tower shields. Still invisible, we give them the slip as well. To the left at the bottom of the stairs we find another corridor. At the end of the hallway Konraad manages to nearly set off a trap while searching for secret exits. Davian disables the trap while Kat discovers the hidden door. After closing and locking the door, we continue down a narrow passage ending in another door. It barely budges, Kat manages to push it open. Beyond we find an empty room with a lit forge and a stairway to the right leading up. Suddenly, we are witness to a repeating phantasm of some ghostly dwarven miners arguing with their foreman speaking with strange Scottish accents. The apparitions fade, and we notice that within the forge there is a dazzling sword inside. Brave Konraad is able to enter the forge and retrieve the implement despite being badly burned in the process.
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