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Main » 2018 » July » 14 » Bartimaeous
8:42 AM
Kat strikes algae monster.
Brega freezes its neck and the head rolls of its shoulder and falls to the floor. Nice!
Hull has been breached. Gross af. Yuck. Dark green slime hanging to ceiling, comes to life.
Bay-Wynn calls for Bartimaeous. No answer.
Fight slime creature
Shark in water. Yikes!
Eel swarm
Go back upstairs. Bay-Wynn touches tiller but nothing happens.
Conrad calls Bartimaeous 3 times.
Waves spread out and then back in and fall down onto the deck.
Skeletal hand grabs rail and pulls himself up.
Bartimaeous runs toward us. Strangles BayWynn. Says “get off my boat”.
BayWynn asks if he knows where the wizard Nethandrix.
Konrad asks him to release Bay-Wynn. He tosses her.
Bay-Wynn asks again about Nathandrix.
Bartimaeous goes to explore the ship. Returns with a corgi.
Tells us we are now part of his crew
Nathandrix was thrown into the lake by the captain that brought us to the ship.
He has been trying to get gold to retake and repair his ship.
He sends us to the bottom of the ship to bail the water that has been leaking in.
We sail for several days then stop.
Makellan was smuggling religious artifacts.
Nathandrix sends us inland to find Makellan and the object. Need to get in and out without being seen.
Crew has gone to Ms. Barty’s house for insane sailors. Need the crew and supplies.
We take the raft inland.
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