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13 June 2020 10a
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Main » 2020 » May » 2 » Blood and Glory in the Clouds
8:10 AM
Blood and Glory in the Clouds
Now this is a story all about how
My life got flipped turned upside down
And I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there
I'll tell you how I became...

*ahem!* Excuse me!

Our group of adventurers finds themselves back in the brambles. They are in possession of all but one of the tokens and now they plan to head to the dragon’s lair.

Suddenly, Brambleson appears and the group asks him for the location of the flying/moving castle but he doesn't know where it is.

Dar-wynn wisely asks for more details about the dragon. Brambleson tells them that the dragon is trying to escape the Storykin world. The dragon wants the skins so he can leave.

The adventurers need to find the cloud with the dragon's castle and they make a plan to camp for a bit on the mountain where the forge is located.

Off in the distance, an unusual cloud (lower than the others) can be seen. Using his special abilities to see through illusion, Konrad can see the castle within the cloud.

It will be a day’s journey through the brambles to reach the location where the cloud is hovering. The group decides to head back toward the circus through the brambles.

Dar-wynn elects to fly up towards the dragon's castle. She is looking for a place to tie off the rope she carries so that the rest of the party can join her. The group makes it to the castle landing and sees a group of ogres.

The paladin attempts to speak cordially with them but the guards are not having it and once more the adventurers prepare to engage the ogres in battle.

Konrad causes damage to one and as battle continues, the Sprigen charges Konrad and Damian.

The Sprigen attempts to use flails on Dar-wynn and misses. However, Dar-wynn does not miss!

Pip flanks the Sprigen and does a good amount of damage. Damian does more damage to the ogre after taking incidental damage from Brega's spell.

Enraged, the Sprigen injures and intimidates Brega.

The battle rages on. Brega does a little damage and tries to escape. The Sprigen pushes Damian back. But Damian recovers some of his health and the group spreads out a bit to change up their tactics.

Two of the ogres are looking worse for wear and as the fighting continues, the ogres fall one by one.

The group takes time to heal and avoids the tannery for the stone stairway and shrine. The shrine seems to be devoted to a dark god but the books themselves seem to contain gibberish.

Within the shrine, the altar is made from wood and is inlaid with alabaster and precious stones. Pip finds a scroll and gives it to Dar-wynn to read. It is a scroll of spell immunity.

The stairway seems quiet. At the top, there seems to be a kitchen. Pip continues to investigate. Shadowy figures turn toward Pip and start to come after him. He runs away back down the stairs.

Pip runs to the others.

Brega moves back as the rest of the group gets ready again for battle. Damian casts heavenly bond on his weapon. Konrad also buffs the paladin to make him ready to face the demons. Brega cast protection from Evil on herself. The paladin also buffs himself again to protect from evil.

Pip sees a demon teleport in and hits it with an arrow. Together, Dar-wynn and Brega take care of a demon with a resilient sphere of ice storm.

To be continued…
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