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Recovery of Amicas
09 March 2019 10a
Atomic Empire in Durham

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Main » 2018 » June » 30 » Burn Baby Burn
6:20 AM
Burn Baby Burn
You know that expression about 'too many cooks'? Wait, no, not that one... I mean 'out of the frying pan, into the fire'? Yeah, that one... Well, that's pretty much what happened...

Though her comrades still had no idea what was happening, Dar-wynn survived the incident with the cursed dagger and went to the edge of the ship to call down to the boat in the water.

Brega tied the rope around her and placed the Ring of Flight onto her finger. She floated up to talk to Dar-wynn but after a few minutes, Brega fell to the boat below. She injured herself, but not seriously.

The men rowing the boat became upset and threatened to leave when they heard Dar-wynn invoking the name of the dead captain – Bartimaeus.

Brega tried to reason with the men but they are determined to leave. Kat had successfully climbed up to the deck of the ghost ship using the rope and she then pulled Konrad and Brega up behind her.

Brega tried the ring again and it made her weightless which helped Kat pull her and Konrad to safety.

The adventurers reunite on the deck of the battered ship.

Dar-wynn greeted her friends and then resumed her exploration of the ship.

An infected half-orc, covered in green slime came out of the cabin swinging – engaging Dar-wynn in battle. Dar-wynn used her claws to damage her attacker.

Konrad joined the battle by casting Divine Favor.

Two additional foes attacked Kat, causing damage.

Dar-wynn stepped up and inflicted damage to one evil infected opponent while Konrad heals Kat. The infected crew members continue to attack Kat.

Dar-wynn’s battle with the crew continued as an opponent succumbed to his injuries.

Konrad casts to heal Kat as the crew continued to attack her. Sadly, one of the attempts backlashes and Kat takes damage.

The crew members take a step back even as Dar-wynn continued to attack them.

Brega healed herself.

Kat fights on, but her attacks missed. The infected crew also miss Kat but hit Dar-wynn instead.

Dar-wynn countered and caught one foe in the neck with her claws, killing him.

Dar-wynn examined another room. She noted that the ship’s arms locker is empty for the most part.

Konrad continued to heal Kat as she continued in battle. But Kat’s effort comes up short. Her opponent unsheathed an adamantium dagger and attacked Kat, causing damage to her.

Dar-wynn attacked in an attempt to assist Kat, but caused damage to herself.

Konrad used a channel to heal both Kat and Dar-wynn. The battle continued with each side missing more than hitting.

Finally, the evil infected rogue missed, giving Dar-wynn the perfect opportunity to swing her claws and hit the rogue’s femoral artery.

With the rogue dead, Dar-wynn searched the arms locker and found something interesting.

Brega healed Kat, while Dar-wynn healed herself.

Dar-wynn detected some magic in the secret compartment in the arms locker. The door popped open to reveal a magnificent cutlass.

Dar-wynn determined that the weapon is a +1 cutlass.

Kat found a severed head in the galley while Brega discovered 2 barrels of stale drinking water.

Dar-wynn looked around the dining area and saw a gory mess. Among the gore, she discovered a dagger.

Dar-wynn searched the Rogue’s body and found an adamantium dagger and a crossbow. She placed the dagger in her pack.

Kat grabbed a set of studded leather armor and added it to her pack. She resumed her exploration and behind a door she found slime-covered humanoids.

The slime plant zombies were formerly human. Kat and Dar-wynn find themselves facing a room full of them.

Kat engaged them in combat. She does damage to her target and luckily, the zombies missed on their slam attack.

Dar-wynn landed some key hits, causing damage. A fallen zombie turned into a pool of ooze.

Kat became infected by the slime. Alarmed, Dar-wynn missed in her attack and took a step back.

Konrad joined the battle and caused damage to the closest zombie. Kat, infected, hit with Great Cleave.

Konrad stepped backward into the hall.

Dar-wynn killed another zombie. It turned into a puddle of slime. The slime puddles are a danger to the adventurers and would cause damage to them if touched.

Brega flew down to rejoin the party. She landed in the hall by Konrad to avoid the zombies.

Kat continued to battle the zombies and thankfully, the zombies routinely missed in their attacks.

Brega looked around the hallway and listened at a closed door, but heard nothing.

Kat went back up to the deck to try the cargo hatch but determined it to be tied down.

Brega tried to freeze the puddle of goo but was unsuccessful.

Konrad tried Acid Dart, but did not achieve the desired effect.

Brega, in what can only be called a momentarily lapse in judgment, cast Web over the remaining zombies, covering the entire hold in web. She then cast Spark to light the web on fire. The intention was to kill the zombies, which was successful. But she also succeeded in catching the cargo on fire as well.

Brega pulled out her water wand and began trying to battle the flames.

Dar-wynn cast another fire to burn against the first fire. The fire in the hold continued to grow. As the cargo burned, the flames traveled to the walls.

The effort to put out the fire soon involved the entire party. Kat wrestled the barrels of drinking water to the hatch on deck. After opening the hatch, the first barrel was dropped and broken, spilling water across the floor of the hold.

The second barrel was lowered down. Konrad used an empty treasure box to scoop water from the barrel and put out the walls and items on fire while Brega continued to use her wand.

During the battle, Konrad and Brega become overcome by the smoke and fall unconscious. Konrad soon regained consciousness and rejoined the fight against the fire. Brega took longer to rouse but soon the party gained the upper hand on the flames.

With the fire out, the ship was no longer in immediate danger of burning down into shark-infested waters.

The party explored the locked room beyond the hold after Kat chopped down the door to get inside. Luckily, there were no more zombies waiting for them.

They discovered a locked chest. Kat tapped on the chest with her ax. This set off a trap on the chest and Kat became exhausted.

Konrad opened the chest to find nothing of value, simply the diary of a lovesick man.

The party will continue to explore rooms on this level… Let us hope that Kat will be more careful now that she is both infected and exhausted!
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