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Main » 2015 » March » 24 » Darkmoon Vale: Session 18
5:39 PM
Darkmoon Vale: Session 18
Our group was tasked as a rescue party by the mayor to return to the logging camp, assess the situation, and assist in any way necessary with the loggers.  We were accompanied by a group of seven fighting men.  Under the impression that this group of fighters would be helping us, we later found out that they weren't of much use as they only stood by to make sure we accomplished our task with the rescue attempt.

On our way to the camp we were surprised by a group of four large wolves who we found out were the cousins of Greypelt, another wolf who had earlier suffered death by our hand (she deserved it).  Needless to say, we won the day, but the highlight of the battle was when Bay-wynn launched a point blank shot from her bow that entered the mouth of one of the pelted foes and exited the sphincter of said beast carrying with it all of the wolf's innards.  Quite a sight, I can tell you!

After dispatching with the wolves, we came upon the smoldering remains of the logging camp after having viewed a column of smoke from a great distance.  Several burned buildings and apparently dead bodies, kobold and human alike, strewn throughout.  A muddy trail entered the camp and fanned out amongst the camp.  We sent Baewyn in to reconnoiter invisibly.  Amongst the dead she found a man lashed to the tower in the center of the camp, barely alive.  Atop the tower was an undead kobold, but she quickly returned to us before her spell wore off.

Candy, our newest member who was a rogue and sister to the recently deceased, Randy, made an attempt to stealthily enter the intact building nearest the camp entrance.  Despite all of her skills she managed to spring a trap on the door she was attempting to open.  The undead kobold atop the tower noticing this, gave command to its minions to arise. 

Long story short, Candy died.

Despite the great healing prowess of Otho, he was unable to overcome the horrible decision-making ability and bad luck of Candy and the rest of her family. Through the valiant efforts of the rest of the party we were able to defeat the zombie kobolds including the leader on the tower.
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