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Main » 2015 » April » 8 » Darkmoon Vale: Session 19
7:11 PM
Darkmoon Vale: Session 19
The winds of fortune were not at our backs this day. We just lost Candy. (Editor's note: She was obnoxious as hell, but she was Randy's sister - whom those of us who knew him miss dearly).

A legion of undead lay at our feet and a necromancer was brought down by many arrows. If only Pint had not been forced to stay behind due to work on his armor delaying his departure.

The accompanying men are of no use. Worthless and Weak. They refuse to engage any enemy and worse, my elfy senses are going "twicha twicha twitcha twitch" whenever I look at this lackluster group which usually means that someone is going to try and kill us soon. I expect that we should not turn our backs on these scoundrels. The others seem to feel the same way.

Following the cleanup after our battle with the undead, Myra and I snuck towards the pit that I had spied earlier behind a woodpile (as part of a scouting/surveillance effort). As we peered over the edge something struck me. It was dark, encrusted with jewels and sparks dancing. It hit hard enough I lost my senses.

I was told that Njord unleashed a scorching ray and incinerated a monstrous beetle. The same beetle that had struck me also had our gentle soul of a healer stumbling from wounds too horrific to detail. Anyone who was near the beast including the most stout of all of us, Myra, would fall dazed in its presence. Thank goodness Njord was able to take care of the beast lest we suffer a premature ending to all of us. He was the hero of the day.

I have no recollection of that. For me the worlds seemed to fall away as my mind wandered from of itself. Gently the world receded and I wondered, "My gawd, it's full of stars!" A bright light grew in the distance and the gray veil covering this world rolled back and all turned to silver glass. And then I saw it. White shores. And beyond, a far green country into a swift sunrise.

Then a singsong voice filled effused with motherly devotion called out to me - keeping me at bay. And a darkness took me. I strayed out of thought and time. The stars wheeled overhead, and everyday was as long as a life age of the earth.
But it was not the end. I felt life in me again. I have been send back, until my task is done. I am Bay-Wynn, or rather Bay-Wynn as she should have been. Bay-Wynn. That is what they used to call me.

I am Bay-Wynn the White.

My diety abandonded me. It was Otho, praying feverishly to his god - who answered his prayers and pulled me back from the land of the dead. Sarenrae. Dawnflower. The Everlight. She looked down upon my mangled corpse and called me back to this world...

Screw Calistria.

The filthy dead were everywhere. Newly alive I strode defiantly, as only one who just returned from the dead can do, to a wooden shanty and opened the door. I took a log trap in the chest. I think I will go sit over there a spell.

And it was then that one of Pint's clan showed up. Bertha Wildheart. And damn... is she a looker! For a dwarf that is. Turns out that Pint had quite a crush on her way back in the day, and told her so at the "Midsummer mining and beer eve festival". She wasn't interested though. He was devastated, and left on his quest soon after.
(Editor's note: Sooooo! Pint left to prove himself because of a girl. Interesting!)

The others went into the dilapidated structure and found kobolds, and a chest containing a bunch of centepedes. They killed the kobolds and the centepedes. But who keeps centepedes in a chest?

(Editors note: I think I broke a couple ribs with that log. Bay-Wynn the white needs to be more careful. Ow.)

While they were storming the buildings I retrieved the guy who was "tied up and hung upside down like a cheap cut of meat in a not so sanitary butcher shop" at the top of the small tower in the center of the village. "Thank you. Thank you. You saved my life" he murmured.

"It was not I who saved your life. It was providence and the work of divine grace. Rest my friend" I said.

"My name, my name is Thelgrim. Are there others? Is anyone else alive?" He clutched at my vest.

I looked over and spied as Myra and Bertha and Njord opened the door to the next building. A Bunch of zombies filled the place.

"No." I said to Thelgrim. "No one's alive."

I watched as Njord cast a fire elemental into the room and Bertha and Myra held the door closed. "I've got this" Otho said as he approached the door and cracked his knuckles. Rotating his shoulders and head to get good and loose he proceeded to heal the zombies to death. "Healed their infernal souls" as he said later.

Thelgrim struggled to tell me about the "Cold Marrow". It's a place where they probably took some survivors. "yeah yeah yeah" I said paying more attention to the group as they went to the next building than Thelgrim. "Rest here, we will be back for you shortly." This is when Pint came running out of the forest. "Hey guys! I'm ready for battle now! Wait for me!"
Both Pint and I joined the others as we approached a burned building ready to collapse at any moment. Bertha attempted to shore the frame using her superior dwarf knowledge of construction. It still fell down trapping Pint and out came Spiders. Big. Hairy. Spiders. I ran. Everyone else fought. I don't remember much else. Evidently Bay-Wynn the White is still afraid of spiders. The spiders died.

After taking care of the spiders the group approached the last building. And listening, you could hear a strange buzzing sound.
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