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Main » 2015 » June » 19 » Darkmoon Vale: Session 22
11:32 AM
Darkmoon Vale: Session 22
Excerpt from Pint Bloodhorns' journal;

Blimey, I feel like shait.

That's the last bloody time I run into a bunch of undead shadow blighters without knowing what they actually are.

I guess that's what I get for trying to impress Bertha, but now after dealing with those wretches I feel all sorts of drained. No big deal though, I can still block most things thrown me way, I'll just do my job and stand in front of everybody, hopefully this time none of us will die because they were adamant about running off ahead of the group. That's been happening too frequently for me liking. If what happened to Tank happens to Bertha I'll never be able to forgive myself.

We really lucked out with the loot this time. Last time we fought this kobold bastard we could only find things that only Otho could use, but on the second go as an undead even Mira found a magical axe and Bertha found some kinna magical scroll. Maybe on the third go when we fight the kobold as a lich or some rot we'll find something I can use for a change. Still holding out for a magical urgrosh.. I can't possibly be the only person in the world that uses one of these, right? I mean, yeah, they were considered obsolete in the army, and everyone laughed at me when I took one with me, but if my clan's army knew anything about fighting they would have let me join in a long time ago. So sod them.

Our cleric revealed that Mira's axe is particularly good against the undead. Something tells me that'll come very in handy. My only question is; why couldn't we find that before entering the bloody catacomb?

By this time we know that most of us are cursed by some kind of enchantment that protected the entrance of the catacomb. Bertha triple assured us that she disarmed the trap, g̶u̶e̶s̶s̶ ̶a̶l̶l̶ ̶s̶h̶e̶ ̶m̶a̶n̶a̶g̶ed t̶o̶ ̶d̶i̶s̶a̶r̶m̶ ̶w̶a̶s̶ ̶m̶y̶ ̶h̶e̶a̶r̶t̶ but I guess there were some nuances she didn't take into consideration. She was always better at cracking stones than picking locks.

Otho, Bay-Wynn and Bertha are cursed, and the problem is our cleric can only remove one curse before having to replenish his strength. Otho cured himself, a sound strategical maneuver as far as I'm concerned, since of our cleric dies then we are all screwed. Hopefully Bay-Wynn and Bertha will hold out until we get back to town.

On the way back to town, some of Bay-Wynn and Bertha's teeth began to fall out and they both got the chills. This curse is really serious!

We barreled into the local temple to have the town's cleric restore our cursed members of the group. It was a tough decision to pick who would be cured first since the cleric could only cure one at a time. In the end, we opted for Bay-Wynn, because she actually paid for her remove curse so I guess that narrowed it down a bit. I hope Bertha can forgive me. Cleric told us to come back tomorrow to have her cured.

Mira and I went to the lumbermill to collect our reward and deliver the missing lumberjacks. It was night time so everyone was on their way out and the bloody supervisor was nowhere to be found to pay us. I reckon we'll have to head back there tomorrow.

Went to check on Kimi to see how she was doing. She's a tough cookie and she's doing just fine without her mom, although she gave me the *fantastic* news that her badass ranger dad is coming back to town. I better tell Njord to go hide.

Heading to the bar for a drink and to meet up with everyone else.


That was a pretty spectacular reunion. We found that goofball of a paladin sitting at the bar minding his own business and we all rushed to dog pile him. I think we may have actually caused some physical harm to the poor bloke when we all jumped on him, Bay-Wynn has been putting on a few pounds after all, but he's ever the resilient blighter and laughed it off. He looks better than ever in fact, turns out he's been going to a few adventures of his own after being revived. He even managed to restore some of my drained strength with some new power he acquired.

I also introduced him to Bertha as if she were my girlfriend. Fortunately she was too out of it due to the curse to refute my claims. Maybe if I can get enough people to believe it it'll actually become true!


The next day, I'm all ready to carry Bertha to the cleric bridal style when that blasted priestess actually shows up to the bar herself to heal her. There goes my attempt to have us married. For too long has this cleric been a thorn on my side.

Some crazed old fool came in screaming into the inn yelling something about the dead having risen. Who the hell cares? I'm not killing anyone until I get paid.

We were on our way to collect our reward but it turns out that there really are zombies everywhere. They've literally swarmed Falcon's Hollow and are attacking the villagers. Godrick charges in first screaming about 'saving the children' and suddenly it's just like old times.

I can't find Njord anywhere. Guess he must have heard about his girlfriend's /husband/ coming back. Can't say I blame him for skipping town.

The first wave of zombies goes straight for us as we come out of the tavern. Bay-Wynn softens them up with arrows, Godrick and Bertha take out one each, Otho weakens them more with holy energy and Mira barrels into them taking out three of the sodding basterds with one axe cleave. Her dog Droggeda takes out the last.

Huh, I didn't get to do anything.

Second wave incoming, Otho obliterates them with another blast of holy energy.

When do I get hit something is what I want to know.

Godrick accidentally hits Droggeda and the dog starts barking at growling at him. Guess the two have yet to be properly acquainted.

A third wave of zombies approaches, this time they are coming from two sides trying to surround us.

We take a moment to heal up and I tell everyone to hold their ground. We'll fire upon them as they charge us to maximize casualties on their side.

My sling doesn't seem to be doing much good though. Note to self; next time bring the atl-atl.

Rather than attacking us head on like last time, the zombies break their charge and start spreading out to attack the civilians. We're forced to break ranks and rush out to join separate pockets of fighting leaving Otho by his lonesome. He casts a consecration spell around himself for defense.

Bertha, Bay-Wynn and Mira head north while Godrick, Droggeda and I charge south.

The zombies are actively avoiding us now and manage to surround Otho. How in the hell are these mindless things outmaneuvering us?? There has to be someone controlling them, there's no way these undead can make those kinds of tactical decisions by themselves.

Fortunately Godrick and Otho combine their holy magics and manage to disintegrate the zombies, though our cleric is now pretty banged up.

Fourth wave incoming.

I charge to the east and hold the lot of them back. Mangy curs can't swing for crap. Otho takes them all out while they are all busy dealing with me.

Fifth wave attacking from the north.

I have to wonder where Kimi is in all this mess. Hopefully she still has that axe I gave her.

Bertha comes in to assist me in taking out the north wave, though once again, the zombies manage to flank us and get a lucky shot on Otho whom they are starting to view as the biggest threat. I charge in and manage to take out the zombies about to overwhelm him but he seems to be momentarily paralyzed.

Out in the distance we can see Godrick being swarmed by zombies from all sides and getting drowned upon a sea of undead.

Mira rushes in and intercepts a second wave coming to attack him, wiping them out all by herself with frenzied axe swings.

Bay-Wynn picks up the still paralyzed Otho and rushes towards Godrick while I cover her. Droggeda and I take out the zombies following after her and the dog takes that moment to bolt out of combat since she got herself pretty injured too.

With all scattered pockets of resistance dealt with, we all start piling on the zombies swarming Godrick and start pulling them off one by one. We can see that Godrick is holding still in some kind of pose while the undead are clawing and gnawing at his armor and flesh. If I didn't know any better I'd say that Godrick actually meant to do all that, but I'm pretty sure he actually got paralyzed just like Otho.

Mira and Otho take out a big chunk of the mob attacking our wayward paladin with Bay-Wynn successfully nailing the last one right in the head with an arrow. Looks like we've managed to save him.

Good thing too, if Godrick died on us again I was totally going to kill him.
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