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Main » 2015 » August » 11 » DarkMoon Vale: Session 24
8:15 PM
DarkMoon Vale: Session 24

From: Bay-Wynn
To: My glorious editor and dear friend

I can't keep doing this. I can't. I woke up last night screaming in a room in that damn pub. It was a dream, just a dream. Otho was standing at the end of my bed watching me. He looked right into me - but he had black eyes, lifeless, like a dolls eyes. And the screaming. The terrible high pitched screaming. And then I woke up in that cold, empty room. Like waking up in a tomb.

Its my fault he died. I tried to get him to follow. I was too far gone to carry him. The world was swimming and it was all I could do to stagger, covered in so much blood. Everywhere. I saw him go down. I was only alive because of him and now I couldn't get to him. I was too weak! Sarenrae forgive me!!

So many dead. Otho, Randy, Tank, Nobbla. I still see them in my dreams. Why did I live? Why not them!! I'm just a ... I just tell dirty stories for coin.

I don't know if I can keep writing about this adventure. It hurts too much. Everyone is really torn up (except for Pint who is too obsessed with his new urgrosh to notice anything else. I swear in 9 months there will be little baby ugreshes with dwarf legs running around that smell just like Pint's armpit. If Pint inflicts damage on anyone with that thing they will have to get checked to make sure they didn't catch a dwarven STD).

We went to the chapel where Otho was resting. On the way there we ran into someone carrying Otho's body towards a funeral pyre. It was his half brother Osric Halfbottom. Half elf. Adopted. Nice enough chap but when we shook hands the mark that Sarenrae gave me tingled. No idea what it means. Was it a warning or a sign?
I am glad that we burned Otho. I would hate to see Otho come back as a Zombie. He deserved so much better than what we could offer. But we did the best by him that we could.

After the funeral we needed to rest a bit and figure out what our next plan of attack was so we stayed one more night in that damn tavern. Lots of rumors. A sorceress a couple towns over really causing problems. A man fleeing town, being chased by another man (wanna bet that was Njord and whatsherface's husband), a unicorn. Oh and Pint trying to talk Myra and Bertha into making out.

I would like to see the unicorn but we didn't have time. I would not like to see Myra and Bertha making out. We have got to stop these zombies.

We found and followed a zombie trail though the woods. Actually it was more like the great zombie migration. No tracking was needed. I'm surprised they didn't put up signs. More kept joining as the herd moved. Guess where they went?

You remember that fortress where we rescued the kids? Yep. That's the one! Gawd we should have torched the place when we had the chance. Only 3 of us remain of the original group. Pint, Myra and myself. And we almost lost Godric crossing a stream. Thank goodness Myra was able to dive in and save his non-swimming ass when he lost his grip on the rope while crossing.

As we approached the keep, Osric's bird (Viktor) let Osric warn us that we were being watched.

I'm stoopid and impulsive so I walked towards the keep to see if I could spot who it was that was watching us. A wolf came down towards us in a non-threatening manner.
His name was Locmer, companion of the Druid Kusmit (or so he says). Evidently there was a great burst of energy from deep within the keep a couple days ago (or so he says).
He really wants us to go figure out what is going on down in the keep (or so he says). But then he just walks off. How rude!

So we go back into the Keep. I keep warning everyone that we do not have a healer so be careful. We find a slit in the floor that leads to a room below that was filled with water and green slime. Pint dives through the slit and falls like a wet sack of cats 50 feet. Bertha jumps. Myra climbs down and Godric loses his grip on the rope and falls.
WHAT PART OF CAREFUL DID THEY NOT UNDERSTAND!! So now I'm sitting on the roof of this room and I notice there are eyeballs growing out of the walls. Just then *WHAM* Pint and Bertha get pulled underwater. I whip out my arrows, take out a couple of eyeballs (they sound like balloons when they pop and smell like dwarf underwear), and then I sent light under the water to try and find Pint and Bertha. Bertha manages to get free and surface but Pint is trapped under there. I can see shadows moving under the water so I start firing at them, hoping I hit the right one. Given Pint's armor he should be ok but a gooey water creature, I stand a chance. There is a really good chance Pint is going to drown.

If anyone else dies, I'm seeing a therapist!

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