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Main » 2015 » November » 7 » Darkmoon Vale: Session 27
6:49 PM
Darkmoon Vale: Session 27

After the last long arduous leg of our journey, we finally were rested.  We gained our full strength and then some.  We used up the last bit of healing left in Godric's power and sent him on his way.  It was now our time to enter the lair of the evil we had been following.

Using Viktor the raven as a scout, Osric sent his pet ahead to ascertain what sorts of threats we would be encountering.  At an intersection of passages, Viktor took the left and discovered a wide hall filled with vile creatures of the undead.  With the intelligence gathered by the raven, we got the drop on the creatures and were able to dispatch them forthwith. 

At this time, Bay-Wynn peered down the right corridor and discovered and immense cavern with a large pit at its center.  The cave held scores of more undead toiling at throwing poor live souls into the pit as they screamed for their lives.  Despite seeing this horror before us, we decided to keep moving down the left corridor.  In retrospect this seems very cold.

At the end of the passage we encountered a large turnstile device connected to many large gears strewn about the room.  Through careful inspection, Bertha was able to undo the lock on the turnstile which we discovered opened a large door to the right of the device.  Beyond the large sliding door, Osric once again sent his trusty bird to reconnoiter what lay ahead of us.  What Viktor discovered was a long, wide corridor with a floor covered in disembodied, fist-sized eyeballs. 

Bay-Wynn used her trusty spider slippers to walk the ceiling to the opposite side of the long passage which had an exit portal which continued on.  Osric used his arcane powers to destroy most of the eyes on the floor with an ice storm out of thin air.  As we passed through the room, avoiding the newly discovered pits that the eyeballs had been hiding, a disgusting creature emerged from one of these pits near the far end of the room.  The vile beast was shapeless yet contained uncountable mouths ringed in razor sharp teeth.  We tangled with the beast (literally), but we prevailed.  Osric and Bertha were nearly killed when they were engulfed by the creature, but were saved at the last moment by Casamere's holy smite.

At the end of the long chamber we entered a smaller hallway that led to a small room with a statue.  Osric lit a candle and placed it at the base of the statue which caused the door behind it to unlock.  Beyond was a room that contained old cloaks hanging on hooks around the perimeter.  In one of the cloaks Bay-Wynn discovers a ring.  Bertha decided that it would be a good idea to try and steal it from her.  This causes all sorts of havoc and Bay-Wynn and Pint nearly kill each other.  Luckily cooler heads prevailed.

After the pointless ruckus, we doubled back to the large cavern with the pit of unfortunate souls.  It was time to save them from their horrendous fate...

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