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Recovery of Amicas
6 October 2018 10a
Atomic Empire in Durham

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Main » 2014 » September » 10 » Darkmoon Vale: Session 7
11:27 AM
Darkmoon Vale: Session 7

Our adventure continues as we have rescued four of the five children we were sent to protect.  Four in our charge as we scour the underground kobold stronghold for the last.  We encounter another group of kobolds with one of their devil-frog pets.  Nobbla attempts some daring acrobatics but fails miserably.  Despite his best efforts, he was still able to do some damage to our foes.  Nobbla's pet attempts to enter the fray but fails epically when it manages to bite himself nearly to death.  Nj├Ârd, with the wave of his hands was able to send the remaining kobold off to a fiery death.  Nobbla was saved through the heroic efforts of Otho Halfbottom and his superior healing skills (although his melee skills were not quite up to par evidenced by his less than deft use of his mace after he smashed his own toe).

After our encounter we followed one of the other corridors leading away from the cavernous intersection.  We were enticed by the sound of mewing, not unlike the sound of kittens, down one of them.  The "kittens" turned out to be a chamber full of tremendously ugly kobold hatchlings guarded by an even uglier lady-kobold.  A little applied pressure on the devil-marm  and we were able to get pointed in the right direction of the remaining child.  We could not bring ourselves to dispatch the wee lizard-witch, but we did however leave Nobbla's hobbled hound to keep guard on her whilst we continued our search.

On our way to retrieve the last of the juveniles with Pint, our valorous Dwarf in the lead, we happened upon a nest of klaxon mushrooms that alerted an entire room full of kobolds to our presence.  We immediately were inundated with foes, surrounded on all sides.  Without hesitation, however, Bay-Wynn cast Grease upon the encountered group, and then thought it a good idea to continue exploring down a side passage.  Unfortunately she happened upon the throne room of Merlokrep, the kobold king.  Now we were knee deep in the ugly mini-lizard folk.  Beset upon all sides, we were able to dispatch all of our adversaries in the first chamber with the help of a summoned beast from Otho and the steady axe of Pint.  Bay-Wynn's Grease spell ended up hindering more than helping at this point as we had much trouble maintaining our balance as we finished off the rest of the kobolds.  However, Bay-Wynn was able to hold her own until we could finally assist her with the king and his minions in the throne room.

Once all but one of his guards are killed off, we offer the king a truce but he declines.  Mira, after spending most of the encounter looking after the children, was able to do away with old Merlokrep with one final mighty blow.  The last kobold was disarmed and interrogated.  We were able to get information that led us to the final chamber where we encountered more guards, a wizened old kobold and the final child.  The old kobold was able to make one last sacrifice as we entered the chamber and pulled out the heart of a human he had splayed upon the altar in the center of the room.  The heart then burst into flame in his hands as we unleashed our vengeance.  We forced our way in and killed Jekkajak, the kobold wizard, along with his cohorts.  We were unable to save the sacrificed human on the altar, but we were able to save the life of the final child we were sent to protect.

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