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Main » 2013 » June » 8 » Fall and Rise - Episode 1: New Arrivals
5:15 PM
Fall and Rise - Episode 1: New Arrivals
The party, having arrived in their new land, identifies their most immediate problem as needed a clean and plentiful source of water for their refugee caravan. Using logical deduction, based on the location of the mountains to the west, the party begins searching for a river. Instead they discover a burned out farmhouse that is serving as a base for some necromancer cultists. The party kills all but one of the cultists, and questions the survivor about their current situation, discovering that it is "about" fifty years since the events known collectively as "The Fall" occurred. 
The cultist reveals that there are rivers to the north and the south, and a road passing from one to the other. On the southern river is an abandoned-yet-occupied Fort, and on the norther river is a hamlet, complete with functional ferry. There are also woods to the south-east and far north-east. To the west, beyond the mountains, lies a horde of barbarians and giants, or perhaps barbarian giants. Faaaaar to the north is a desert, where the Covenant of the Skeletal Hand rules. 
This is all assuming that your captive wasn't lying to you through her teeth, and also wasn't crazy as a loon. 
The party elects to travel south, in the hopes of capturing the fort as a defensive structure to house their refugees. When they arrive, they discover that's it's pretty run down, and that SOMETHING really bad appears to have happened here, long ago. The party is currently in the midst of clearing the place out. 
The party has acquired the following loot: A Silver Dagger, 1 Vial of Black Slime, Scroll of Cure Light Wounds x2, Scroll of Sleep, Scroll of Scorching Ray x3, Scroll of Bulls Strength, Scroll of Bears Endurance, Potion of Flying, +1 Shortsword (Big, Shiny Butcher's Knife), Really Nice Whiskey (worth 500gp to the proper buyer), and 136gp in coinage. 
Each player now has 414xp, from the 2 crappy cultists, the one dangerous cultists, the weird skeleton, and the Gray Ooze. The next game SHOULD be more profitable, XP-wise. 
You have discovered The Crash, The Abandoned Fort, and The Desecrated Farmhouse. You know of Zelkior's Ferry.
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