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Main » 2013 » July » 20 » Fall and Rise - Episode 2: A Castle & A Spaceship
10:52 PM
Fall and Rise - Episode 2: A Castle & A Spaceship
You currently have a castle! And a Spaceship! Also guns, though their ammo is limited. The ship informs you that obtaining more ammunition will range from "non-trivial" to "impossible" depending on what happens to her systems when they come back up. Currently the ship is operating on little more than a trickle of power to run the repair bots and some basic gravity control to defend the exterior. It has provided the captain with a communicator, though the ship comms are currently inoperable. 
What I need from you guys is some info on how you want to proceed. The ship will be stuck in this state for approximately 3 months, and if you are going to plant a crop this season, you simply cannot wait that long. Are you going to travel? Hide out at the Fort and repair it? Did you ever decide what to do with your impish minion Kuluk, and his one-eyed servant? 
Life Support - 0/20 1=water production 3=temperature control  8=air production  13=food production 15=radiation shielding 
Gravitics - 1/20 Each point in Gravitics extends the effective range beyond the hull by 30 feet and adds 1d6+2 to Gravitic effects 
Teraportation - 0/20 Unless this land has a hypernet field, the tereporters will only function if they and the engine are fully repaired 
Sensors - 0/20 Each point adds 100 feet of optical sensors beyond the hull. 4=Infrared 8=Audio sensors 14=micro/macro electrical sensors, range of 10 miles/point 
Comms - 0/20 Comms will only be useful if there is anyone out there to communicate with. Each dot adds 10 effective miles to the ship's communicator device. 
A.I. - 1/20 The ship starts with an intellect of 10. Each point put into A.I. adds 2 to this score. A.I. acts as a limit to how high Comms and Sensors can be raised. 
Engines - 2/20 The engine score acts as a limit to how high Gravitics and Sensors can be raised. Each point adds 50 feet a round of travel speed. 5=flight
In three months, the engines will have stabilized enough to begin repair on ship systems. At that point, with resources provided by the crew (that's you guys), a maximum of one point can be added each month to a system of your choice. 
While the ship, becomes essentially immune to physical assault from regular forces with just a little upgrade to the Gravitic systems, you can tell the delicacy of it's inner working would be extremely vulnerable to magical assault. The Ship starts with 80 hp, and each dot of repair adds another 20. For every 20 points of damage sustained, the ship will lose a dot of systems what will then require repair. What systems are lost will be due to a combination of chance and circumstance.
NPCs      Status 
Kuluk     He and his conjurer servant currently owe the party one year of loyal service, followed by 3 generations of non-aggression to the PCs, refugees, and their families. 
P.D.       The Ship Phyrric Destiny (referred to casually as "P.D.") and it's computer currently answers to Captain Dar-Wynn, for as long as the good Captain does not forsake her vows to the Conclave of Stars. 
Michkaela of the Skeletal Hand     Currently owes you her life, though who knows if you'll ever see her again. 
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