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Main » 2013 » August » 3 » Fall and Rise - Episode 3: The Iron Sun
6:18 PM
Fall and Rise - Episode 3: The Iron Sun
When some of the space hillbillies ran off to pillage some local caravans, they were captured and interrogated by a group of Paladins known as the Order of the Iron Sun. The Party managed to hide the existence of the refugees from the investigating Paladin, one Tristan the Lawful, for now. The occupation of the southern fort will likely not remain a secret forever, but some time has been bought. The party traveled with Tristan north to visit the main chapterhouse of the order, talk to the grandmaster of the Iron Sun, and take a job hunting down a necromancer before fleeing the night-time battle. 
The party discovers the ruins the Necromancer is using for a base, and deals with some Gnoll squatters before calling it a night. 
NPCs      Status 
Kuluk     He and his conjurer servant currently owe the party one year 
of loyal service, followed by 3 generations of non-aggression to the 
PCs, refugees, and their families. 
P.D.       The Ship Phyrric Destiny (referred to casually as "P.D.") and it's computer currently 
answers to Captain Dar-Wynn, for as long as the good Captain does not 
forsake her vows to the Conclave of Stars. 
Michkaela of the Skeletal Hand     Currently owes you her life, though who knows if you'll ever see her again. 
Tristan the Lawful     Currently trusts you enough to let you do bounty work for the order. Doesn't seem to be a big fan of barbarians, generally, or the barbarians on the plateau, specifically. 
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