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Recovery of Amicas
24 August 2019 10a
Atomic Empire in Durham

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Main » 2019 » July » 27 » From the Library
8:10 AM
From the Library
Because all of the other students think we suck, we (by their suggestion) head to the library to hone our paltry skills. The librarian gives us a phlegm covered book and tells us that the chapters 1-7 are the most important. We find out that we should imagine certain things while casting low-level non-lethal spells. We should envision other effects while casting, and focus on these effects. This practice will allow us to retain more spells.

Tuesday of that week a funny thing happened. All of the other students were overcome by the effects of a love potion someone had doused the food with in the dining hall. Konraad was unaffected, but Dar-Wynn became infatuated with Klik, the automaton instructor. We had to restrain her until the potion wore off.
The next day, after everyone was hungover from the love potion, Klik announced there was a problem at the foundry. A bunch of magical traps had become sentient and she needed volunteers to help gather them up. After arriving at the foundry we found the main door locked from the inside. Katagume made short work of it by chopping through it with ease. We enter the room and all the traps begin screaming. Then we became ensnared in an ice spider trap. Konraad convinces the traps (which happen to be sleep traps) that we were going to take them to the healing ward so they can put people to sleep to their hearts' content. Naturally we lied and took them to an empty room in the dungeons.
After lunch, we receive a letter from Nathandric that he wants to meet us for dinner. Once we sit down to dinner, he tells us that he has found a way to locate Amicas. Amicas resides in a cloud hovering over the land of Amicas. He is supposed to be the one who can repair the rifts between dimensions. Good news!
The next morning we return our books to the library, and we decide to leave for Amicas (the land of) to fulfill our ultimate quest. There is pushback from the instructors and the students. The librarian gives us back our book and tries to convince us to stay as well. We agree to do one last arena match.
Olivia turns out to be our opponent in the arena...she looks different than we remember. Once the match begins, several humanoid creatures appear from behind her. They are the missing students we had been looking for. Lord Baradin then reveals himself as the leader of the zombies that are appearing before us. Before we can engage them in combat, Savesha has us escape the arena through a back door through the dressing room. She takes us to a room with a large globe in the middle of it. She uses this globe to send us back to our time and dimension in Amicas. We see in the globe that a hoard of infected are about to invade the town of Covenant. Before we leave, she gives us each a pouch of pixie dust which we are instructed to ingest. This apparently increases our magical abilities.
We are sent to our time and place. We find ourselves unconscious. Kat is awakened by a familiar face. Judybug! The doggie takes us to the nearby town which happens to be Covenant. We run into Cantankerous and Val the Dragon. They are both worse for wear. Katagume decides at this time that she has had enough of adventuring and decides to settle down with Big Bertha and Judybug. We then meet her replacement: Damien Hammerfist.
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