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Recovery of Amicas
13 July 2019 10a
Atomic Empire in Durham

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Main » 2019 » July » 12 » From Yesterday's Headlines...
9:22 PM
From Yesterday's Headlines...
"Professor Savesha puts newcomers to the test--they persevere through working together."
"In next test, newcomers fail to impress."
"The rumor comes out: Meeda gets shipment of mysterious crates. Refuses to give answers--what is she hiding??"
"Fezmet expresses gratitude to newcomer sorcerer for returning his divination journal. Professor returns favor by giving her a special box to open in time of need. What's in the box?"
"Brega moves up in her magical abilities. How far shall she go? Can her companions keep up?"
"Newcomers fail to work together in the arena. Can a new set of magic rings truly tip the scales in their favor?"
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