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Main » 2018 » August » 10 » Have you ever wondered where the golden egg came from?
6:29 PM
Have you ever wondered where the golden egg came from?


The Stein and Sword




Dearest Mother,


I know it’s been a bit since I’ve written. I’m doing well though, or better now that I and some of my friends got rid of a rather nasty fungal infection. We had to cure it in the most horrible way though. We had to bathe in a barrel of FINE Brandy. One of the finest I’ve ever seen and smelled, since I couldn’t taste a drop of it. It was an absolute waste of something such a quality product, but apparently this cursed captain only smuggles the best.


The ship was in desperate need of repairs and the captain filled us in on his plan to snatch some loot from another smuggler to fund the repairs. We anchored in a cove about a day from the town in which the smuggler lived. The captain had scouted out the town, and told us about the walled mansion in which the smuggler lived around the town that supported him. He stated that although it’s well known the man is a smuggler, no matter how many times his carriage has been stopped on his trips, they’ve never found anything. He also said he routine drugs himself for the duration of these trips.


We decided to ambush the smuggler while he was still on the road, before he got behind his walls and we had to had an entire mansion to hide his ill-gotten goods. We were able to find their camp on the road with little trouble though the very alert professional soldiers in full plate mail game us some pause. After some debate we decided I would go in alone as I had the best chance to sneak in, especially with Braga’s magical assistance.


I made it into the camp and the smugglers tent with little trouble. He was so drugged that I was able to search his entire tent without him stirring. Not finding anything I turned my attention to the man himself. After removing every stich of clothing and searching every seam I started a more in-depth search of the man himself. Of course, I found it in the last place I searched … where the sun doesn’t shine.


We made it back to the boat with our find, a beautiful golden egg. As soon as we got back onto the deck the captain demanded we turn over the egg and we had a bit of an argument over who got to keep ahold of the little wonder. Soon after we headed out for the Home for Insane Sailors where we would find the captains crew and materials for the repair of the ship.


As we approached the Home a cannon ball flew at the ship, but missed just off the port bow. The captain didn’t seem concerned so we continued on until we drew up to the dock which was crowded with his crew. Turns out the cannon ball was a welcome from his first mate. As soon as Kat saw the 6’3” 400lb woman strapped with bandoliers and dual crossbows she couldn’t take her eyes from her. There might be a romance brewing.


The ship was rapidly loaded with crew and supplies as the captain gave over the smuggled egg to the Lady of the House as payment. Soon we were holed up in a hidden cove as repairs started to bring the ship back to life. Soon we’ll be headed to the sea to track down our only hope to save the world. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Your Loving Daughter,


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