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Main » 2017 » December » 12 » I Had The Weirdest Dream
10:24 PM
I Had The Weirdest Dream
"Tell me about your dream," I asked.

"Well, doc, I remember waking up on the side of a volcano where I was completely enveloped in a marshmallow. I woke up to several people who claimed to be my friends. I stood up and was urged to climb to the top of this volcano. I was disoriented because I could see no horizon, no sky. Only this volcano with this giant marshmallow oozing out of it."

"Sounds like a pleasant dream if you like marshmallow."

"I hate marshmallow."

"Sorry, please continue."

"So as I was saying, in this dream we all marched to the top of this volcano. At the top we could see that lava is flowing out of the opposite side from where we climbed, but there was a hole in the center of the volcano crater. I jumped into the hold only to find that gravity was different inside the tunnel so instead of a hold it became a long hallway. These 'friends' of mine followed me down the tunnel until we came upon a platform surrounded by dark clouds on all sides except for one side had a two hundred foot wall towering overhead. One of these other people I was with, who called herself Brega, attempted to scale the wall only to fall after about half way. Then the weirdest thing happened. Two small clouds came to life and we had to fight them. They looked like big marshmallow men.

"Did I mention I hated marshmallow?"

"Yes, you did," I replied.

"Anyway, we were able to defeat the marshmallow men, and then we all were able to scale to the top of the wall only to find a spinning platform adjacent to where we were standing. It was surrounded by a void, but it was close enough we could try to jump onto it. Then another person I was with, named Dar-something (who by the way had the head of a cat) sprouted wings all of the sudden and flew to the center of the spinning platform. The then threw us a rope and we were able to eventually climb on. At the center of this platform we found a trap door that lead us to another chamber whose gravity differed from our original location. It's so weird. It was like the funhouse at the amusement park. Anyway, at the far end of this other room was a giant statue of a bear standing over a shiny mirror. The mirror was weird because it didn't seem to cast a reflection. Like I was a vampire or something. So this cat-lady with wings starts acting all weird, and then her eyes started glowing. It was really starting to freak me out. The rest of us didn't know what to do. The bear statue started grunting, and we all grunted back. He started talking to us, but he seemed really annoyed. Eventually he opened up some kind of portal in the weird mirror, and he let us through. Apparently we were trying to find some person named Kankersore...or something like that. It's hard to remember for sure. We went through the portal and ended in some dark damp place. That's when I woke up...

"So what do you think it means?"

"Probably stress. I wouldn't put too much stock in the possible meanings of dreams. Looks like our time is up. Same time next week?"
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