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Recovery of Amicas
09 February 2019 10a
Atomic Empire in Durham

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Main » 2018 » February » 10 » Jan 27th
9:39 AM
Jan 27th
- Nathandrix is lost
- The group have to find captain Bartimaeous of the pirate ship Corgi.
- They decide to go through the mountains so they purchase climb kits
- Val does a survey of immediate area and there is a path a few miles west into mountains
- Near the town crops have been trampled by battle and there are spots of infected earth
- People are working to decontaminate. They burn the ground and then magic users freeze it
- Moving through light woods there are no animals. Trees have been chewed on
- Settle for the night in a rocky area and stagger watches
- Continuing the next day terrain becomes mostly rocky so travel becomes scrambled
- They come to a ravine, about 150ft down and 200 ft across. There is ariver at bottom
- Davian slips on the edge but manages to catch himself
- There was a bridge but it has been cut
- Using the rope Davian descends to the bottom
- Kat lowers Brega to the ground via rope the climbs down herself
- Conrad makes it down but Kat falls half way
- Davian climbs back up to grab the rope and drops it down
- He goes soft and jumps. He breaks two potions and the spy glass
- His body has become translucent and slowly reforms and color returns
- Conrad freaks out and screams like a bitch
- Kat swims across the river with Brega on her back. DarWynn almost drowns. Conrad makes it across.
- On the other side. Ogre s appear while they're still crossing
- Conrad claws one ogre in the back and slices it open
- Kat damages herself
- Brega tries ray of enfeebled and it backfires. She falls over. DarWynn drags her out of the water so she won't drown.
- Conrad slashes another ogre's stomach and his inside falls out
- The group rests inside the cave the ogres came out of. They wake up around midnight to Ogres attacking
- Brega casts another ray of enfeeblement. DarWynn slices some throats and the group defeats the ogres
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