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Main » 2017 » June » 3 » Lady (err, Dragon) of the Lake
8:45 PM
Lady (err, Dragon) of the Lake

They group heads to the lake through very dense forest and comes across dirt road.  They hear a crack followed by a thump and then Yalandra falls into a 50ft hole and lands on a rotting table. There are six large barrels around the room and a large stone engraving of an impressive figure on the wall possibly a dwarf. Lead tiger jumps down into the hole with an impressive landing. The rest of the group climbs down via ropes to join them. Lead Tiger confirms that the stone carving is dwarven. Dar-Wynn attempts to put a tap in one of the kegs and it falls through. They discover that the kegs used to hold what smells like a combination of mead and beer. Lead tiger opens the door and moves down a hall to a large open room that appears to be a kitchen. They hear sobbing coming from just beyond the kitchen. As they approach the sound the sobbing stops and a voice asks them to go away. They proceed and see a small ogre with silver skin. Lead tiger asks if the ogre needs help. Gumbach tells the group that her clan has rejected her. She and two other ogres ate a silver cow, it changed their silver to skin, and they became more intelligent. The others are hiding it after seeing how Gumbach was treated. The clan lives further down the passages in the caverns. The group offers Gumbach to join them and everyone returns to the surface back the way they came, up the rope. Lead Tiger asks how Chip and Jumpy (aka Dale) became silver. They explain that silver flakes fell from the sky and they transformed. They felt the urge to protect and serve. “Protect people from bad things.” The group leaves and heads to the lake.

Jumpy says that there is a ghost at the lake. He feels that the ghost is unclean and they refuse to go further. The rest of the party finds a shack off the lake and Lead Tiger goes inside. He sees fishing gear and a ghost appears who offers to rent them fishing gear. There is a slick oil like substance covering the lake. Lead Tiger pokes a toe into the lake and determines that it should be safe enough for them to attempt to find the talisman. Yalandra and Gumbach go to find a sapling to use as pole. They attempt to lure the fish to the shore using a rabbit as bait, but no luck so they rent a boat and make spears. The compass directs them to where the fish is. It pays no notice to the dead rabbit bait even up close. On its next pass, taking a more up close and personal approach, the party discover that it is not fish – it’s an half dead, diseased, demon infected dragon. Gumbach attempts to jump on the dragon and falls out of the boat. She stabs the dragon up the butt. Yalandra attempts a flamethrower and blows up the boat. Yalandra casts stun and the group heads to shore just ahead of the dragon. The dragon swats the boat with its tail and splits it in half. Yalandra does another stun then jumps on Gumbach's back. Dar-wynn climbs on the dragons back and rides it like a pony “ye haw”. The group makes it to shore and the dragon rises from the water and swats at Gumbach slicing through her chest. The group finally manages to defeat the dragon (and heal Gumbach).  They group cut the dragon open to reveal treasure and the talisman.  The ghost, Bob, asked for the head of the dragon and the party cleaned it down to the skull and mounted it on a rock pillar near the entrance to his business.  Dar-Wynn starts throwing on the jewelry they found with the treasure and slips an amulet over Yalandras head before she can protest.  It’s only afterward they discover that the “pretty bracelets” Dar-Wynn put on are cursed, though not how…

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