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Main » 2017 » September » 8 » Larm the Fungi Fun Guy OR The Mold Goops the Packets!
8:06 PM
Larm the Fungi Fun Guy OR The Mold Goops the Packets!
It is still with great caution that I regard the Gnome, Larm. Anyone with the kind of command over magical plants that he displayed could kill me faster by accident than on purpose, and that's a dangerous capability for an ally.

In a castle dungeon full of illogical magic and bizarre creatures, a guide is probably a bigger asset than any weapon. Such was the party's priority when we formed a pact with Larm to clear out his fungus problem, a side of his irresponsible experimentation, no doubt. The group had proven strong against pigs, bandits, zombie dragons, and ogres in the past, so a walking mushroom seemed beatable, and the Gnome could show us our way out afterwards, or perhaps even to treasure.

Larm had five sacks full of antifungal dust. He called them Packets. Although the antifungal dust would burn the mushrooms and mold up, the fungi were showing evolution. They could coat the packets in their vile goop, and stop the packet from dispersing dust. We would need to deploy them carefully, or so I said to myself at the time.

Larm's command over the plant life had afforded him magical assistance in the form of giant ape, spider, and rhinoceros avatars, all constructed from vines and roots. These photosynthetic golems would carry the packets for us, sacrificing themselves as we hacked through any surviving mushroom-men.

First, we lured two of the creatures toward us. They gnawed at our knees and spewed black fungal gasses through the air. As we charged back in retreat toward Larm's safe room, the plant life on the walls reached out in viny violence and shredded these "Sproids" (as Larm named them) to bits. We repeated this process several times, occasionally halting for a lengthy debate over strategy. Hell, the strategy seemed great to me! I've been stabbed to death once already (well, he LOOKED like me), and I love a plan that lets monstrous plant life handle the dirty work.

The wake-up-call came when three of the sproids travelled along the ceiling and dropped on top of us. These things were hunting us, and discussing it over lunch was not a bold enough plan. Larm knew the room the monsters spawned in, and we deployed our first plant-golem. As the door closed shut behind our poor shrub friend, we could hear the sharp hiss of an acid dissolving a massive amount of material.

I opened the door with Konraad and charged into... muck. Fungal muck. This room, according to Larm, had housed a humongous mushroom from the floor to the ceiling, one that spouted off the sproids from underneath its gills. Not only had we melted this abomination, we had also waded into it. The dwarf seemed unperturbed by the slime, and I was not eager to display any more yellow belly than I had at the battle royale. We poked around the muck with sticks until we found a hidden passage into the stone. Myrna, eager to display her physical prowess, promptly charged into the muck, grabbed the door, and slipped down with a splat!

After we got the door open, I snuck into what became a hidden passageway leading to another mushroom room. In my haste to dispatch the mushroom, I climbed back out of the door and requisitioned a packet of antifungal dust. Although the idea was right, in that the mushroom would eventually be destroyed by the packet, I had overlooked a critical detail from the first mushroom: I had to get back to the door. I charged through the open door, into the muck, shouting for my companions to close it. I could see the sproids bearing down the hallway toward the opening!
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