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Main » 2019 » May » 17 » My Best Friend "Student"
9:31 PM
My Best Friend "Student"


The Stein and Sword



Dearest Mother,

You wouldn’t believe the things that go on at this crazy school.  In the middle of lunch some guy that walked in with a collar on and nothing else then passed out.  It didn’t seem to faze people much as they just drug him off to the dungeon by the groundskeeper.  We heard from one of the other students named Olivia, that several of the students have been going missing.  She said she’d find out the names of the other students that have gone missing and talk to their roommate to see if she could figure anything out.  Unfortunately, that was the last we saw of Oliva as she joined the ranks of the missing with only a few things left under her bed.


The headmaster has disappeared as well and it’s really upset everyone since he was the most powerful people around. 


Then there was the incident with the skeleton in class.  He seemed like a very nice skeleton, said his name was Skeleton and he was there to learn.  For some reason the teacher, Toc, and the rest of the class were rather freaked out though.  We found out later that he was a creation of Lord Lich.


We also meet a very nice Library Troll that over sees all the magical artifacts.  Turns out we can just check them out, or at least the lower level ones.  You need to make sure you bring things back or we hear he’ll come after you.  We tried out some scry spells to see if we could find Oliva but only saw her surrounded by blackness.


We decided to investigate the dungeon to see if we could find the guy with the collar that passed out or Student.  I’m fond of Student.  We’re pretty sure we found where he’s at, but unfortunately the Lord Lich was in his lab and told us to see him in class tomorrow.


Your Loving Daughter,


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