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Main » 2004 » October » 22 » Nothlands 10/23/04
6:01 PM
Nothlands 10/23/04
I have been fighting. That is all that is certain. I have been told I was only separated from the group for a day or two, but it feels like at least a decade. I do not know what I have been fighting, nor where, least of all why. I dislike having my memory played with in such a way. It was hard enough to do so voluntarily, it's an invasion of my self to have it done to me against my will. The clear memories consist of stepping between the columns, fighting, and appearing on top of a tower in a blasted heath, exhausted, on my knees, and coughing up blood.

Atterwood and Dukek later gave me a brief version of what the rest had gone through in my absence. It seems that while I found myself fighting, they were instead transported to this dream-world, filled with shadows of reality and illusions in every corner. There is a friend in this false world though, in the form of a thin silvery path that seems to keep them in safe areas. Their explorations brought them through a false Allanelle, across a river of healing and power (and possibly more subtle corruption), and to a red path leading to the tower I ended up on. It seems not everything is an illusion here, as on their way up the tower they were assaulted by a pack of invisible stone humanoids.

[PHIL'S RECAP: Having been transported to yet another local, the party stops to get their bearings. It is only then that it is noticed that Haliada is missing! 

The party is now in a room constructed of black marble with a monstrous sized set of double doors to the north. Examining the doors, it is determined that the doors (which feature a line of cowled monks and also a lead monk who bears a crown upon a pillow walking towards a wall of flame) are magical in nature and are in fact yet another transport device. After touching the doors the party recieves the impression that Haliada is in danger (images of a ferocious fight with the Grimorden King) and that the area that the doors will transport them to will be a place of illusion and deception. Two studs are located upon the door by Rufo and the party decides to press the uppermost stud and to take their chances along that path. 

Before they depart, the party renews its spells and Kanar crafts a song to counter the illusions and deception that the party will surely encounter. She is not too sure of its ultimate efficiency but it will certainly help out. The party then activates the teleporter. 

They now find themselves in a forest they feel is the Allanelle. But they also reason that that is an illusion. However a gently glowing silver path wends its way through the woods and the party elects to follow it. After travelling for a time, the party comes to a bridge that crosses a riverlet through which silver colored water flows. The bridge looks suspicious so the party(with Rufo jumping in first) swims across the riverlet. Swimming in the silvered waters cleanses and heals the party of the black sludge that they had been covered in from the walls of the dungeon. Refreshed and clean the party heads on. 

After crossing the riverlet, the party marches on and soon spots a red colored path that sweeps away from the silver and leads to a tower made of white stone. Dukek notes its construction and determines that it is dwarven made. The party decides to leave the silver path and travel the red path to the tower. 

Atterwood flies up to the second story window he has spotted and investigates the bedroom chamber that he finds inside. while inside, he hears Kanar scream from below and at the same time the group hears Atterwood scream from above. The group rushes into the unlocked tower and heads up the staircase and meets Atterwood. At the last moment the group realizes that they are under attack from some invisible gargoyle-like opponents which has them trapped on the staircase and are attacking from above and below. The session ends with the party in the midst of combat.]
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