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Main » 2019 » November » 14 » Of all the things I've lost ...
7:37 PM
Of all the things I've lost ...

The Stein and Sword

Dearest Mother,

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve written.  I’ve seen so many amazing things and met so many wonderful friends.  Let me tell you of my latest friend/pet/eternal slave…

We were in a room that had a deep pit in the center and two large boulders on a track at the edge of the room.  It turns out the rooms was the lair of a pair of sphinxes.  They were a very friendly sort that took a great liking to me.  I might even have stayed with them for a bit if they’d been able to produce a lovely collar, but alas they didn’t have one.  We paid our fee and went onto the next hallway.  

After entering the next hall I was surprised by a human fellow who had apparently been following us opening the door behind me.  As I was currently claiming that hall and had lost a good bit of loot to the sphinxes, I offered to let him pass or join us for a small fee or becoming my eternal pet slave.  He responded quite rudely by raising his crossbow at me.  I took a few swipes at him which damaged him much more than I meant too.  He’s apparently a bit of a light weight.  He started running back into the previous room where the sphinxes watched out negotiations with some amusement.  He eventually agreed to pay my toll of eternal servitude, but only for the lengthy of time we were trapped in this location.  Considering if we die here we’ll come back as part of this place we might just be together for all eternity.  

It’s seems my new friend/slave, whom I named “Pip”, had quite a few handy skills.  He’s quite stealthy and super quick.  We came to a room with several slits in the side walls.  He investigated using some light and mirror and discovered they were archer slits.  He got a bit banged up, but I make sure to take good care of my toys and he was healed up in no time.  As I mentioned he’s very quick, so he just ran though the room to the end where two doors awaited us.  I of course followed him, then the others.  

We next found ourselves in an entry to some caverns.  We moved on into the black slimy and spongy tunnels.  It was a bit hard to make our way around and we started to hear some moaning and were confronted with two undead.  That’s what they seemed like they were anyhow.  Konraad was able to damage them with a channel to soften them up.  Both he and I were able to each take one out but popping off their heads.  Brega was so mad that she kicked one of them so hard it stuck into the wall and was absorbed.  

We next found a room off the tunnels that had some type of magic writing in it that made everyone dizzy and sick feeling.  Brega, Konraad, and Damien were able to make out the writing and felt empowered for it.  Pip and I didn’t do so well and we felt sick afterward.  I might even have lost my mind for a bit….

Your Loving Daughter,

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