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Main » 2020 » January » 9 » Out of the Oil, Into the Fire
1:14 PM
Out of the Oil, Into the Fire
The party finds a room coated in a black oily material and there is a moat of that very oil in front of the door. They spot the shape of a pillar and a figure that Damien sensed the evil radiating from them. When the evil figure noticed them, they started firing arrows at the group, who had retreated to the doorway with Damien holding his shield up while Pip fired back at the evil creature to minimal success. Eventually the party decided to light up one of Pip’s arrows and he fires it in front of the creature so that the Damien can see the creature and trigger Smite Evil. Meanwhile, Dar-Wynn (still afflicted with limited intelligence) continued to stay at Pip’s feet while showing a disdain for Damien, who had tried to shoo her away to get to a safer spot behind Pip. The group then start to traverse the moat through various means but Pip and Damien fall in the moat. The oil in the moat attempts to cause the two to give into despair and sink into the pit, but through their willpower, they were able to cross to the other side. With a glowing divine weapon in hand and the desire to smite evil in his heart, Damien struck at the creature and severely weakened the evil creature. This allowed Brega to cast Burning Hands upon the creature’s groin until they fell dead. After the monster was dispatched, they investigated the pillar to find that the pillar held a menacing orb atop it. Damien attempted to strike the orb, but what promptly thrown back by a magical force. Konraad could hear the voice trapped within the orb explaining that it was a demon that was contained and wished to be free of the orb. It was ultimately decided to contain the orb in Pip’s backpack, but when Konraad spoke the phrase that had been ringing in his head, the orb struggled heavily, leading to the destruction of all of the fragile items within the backpack. After giving up, they just decided to keep the orb as they proceeded into the next room.
They entered a room that looked very similar to the room that they entered the dungeon at with the three trapped men on the chairs. The men congratulated the party on making it through the dungeon and told them that Amicas was waiting behind the door on the right. The group was very suspicious of the men and Pip went through the door on the left to explore, despite the protestations of the men. Damien went over to the door on the right and asked the men once again what was behind the door and they reaffirmed that Amicas was behind that door. Damien then cast Zone Of Truth within the room and asked the question once more, leading to the men, compelled by the spell, to admit that there were several traps waiting behind the door on the right, leading to the party to join Pip in the room on the left. In that room, they came across a chasm with a rickety bridge between the party and the door to the next room. Then two young copper dragons flew from the chasm and landed on the other side of the bridge, breathing toxic fumes above themselves to show dominance. After several failed attempts to negotiate with the dragons, the party tried putting the orb on the bridge and Konrad spoke the phrase, causing the orb to fall into the chasm. Faced with desperation, Damien prayed to his god Sarenrae and he received a divine miracle. He morphed into a large adult copper dragon much bigger than the other dragons, breaking his armor in the process. He breathed much larger fumes to assert his dominance and subdue the dragons before allowing the rest of the party to ride on his back over to the other side and letting them into the next room before transforming back and following them inside.
Inside, they found a spirit child carrying a wooden box. The spirit child explained that inside was a deck of cards that represented the mind of Amicas, including his thoughts and memories that could be traversed by drawing cards. Amicas, as was explained, is trapped inside the deck, but someone needs to take the role as the guardian of Amica’s mind. Damien stepped up to the role and the rest of the party agreed to let him take the responsibility.

And that's where the story is left off….

...for now.
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