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Main » 2018 » January » 12 » Overheard at the Interdimensional Starbucks
11:10 PM
Overheard at the Interdimensional Starbucks
An elegant lizard being leans toward her companion and says, “So you heard about how the group of adventurers insulted and badgered an ancient stone bear warrior into helping them, right? The bear opened a portal that was supposed to take the adventurers where they wanted to go.

The mirror portal transported them to a hallway. The hallway was filled with fog. In one direction, they heard moaning. Davian decided to go first into the fog and darkness and promptly disappears. The moaning stops. And Kat takes this opportunity to put on her armor.

A voice is heard in the fog urging the group forward. Darwynn is called forward towards the fog. She sees a light behind Davian and tells him NOT to go into the light but it turns out that the light is coming from a room and is not a tunnel of light to the afterlife.

Davian tells Darwynn that there is someone she needs to meet. Darwynn goes forward and looks into the room. She sees a mud pit and a crouching creature. The type of creature is unknown but she can understand what he is saying:

“Sick, sick, circles go… sick, sick, I must remember I am sick.”

The creature sticks his face into the sulfur steam coming up from the mud and breathes deeply. After a moment, he sits back relaxed.

Darwynn examines the bubbling mud and feels heat emanating from it. She also notices that she is able to think more clearly, that the lines have stopped talking to her. She sticks her head over the mud pit and the noise of the lines diminishes further. She dips her paw into the mud and puts the mud on her face like a mud mask.

The mud creature questions Darwynn about her ailments and tells her to breathe the vapors which come up from underground. The depth of the pit is unknown.

The rest of the group comes into the mudroom and sees Darwynn covered in mud. They also observe the creature breathing in the sulfuric vapors.

After some discussion, the group continues in the opposite direction down the hall and can see light through the fog.

Davian peaks around the corner and sees a flight of stairs. The group decides to climb the stairs and upon reaching the top, the notice a door. Davian checks the door for traps but finds none. He turns the doorknob and opens the door slowly. Peering through a crack, he sees a giant room which is mostly empty.

There is a set of double doors on the opposite wall. The other 2 walls in the room feature round holes (2 in each) at a considerable height from the floor. In the center of the room, sit 4 blue 12 sided “balls”. Prudently, Davian checks these for traps as well and finds none.

The group notices a cage with sticks and 2 lever-type switches on the wall with the double doors.

The balls, weighing about 4 pounds, are a little squishy but they do not bounce.

There is a discussion about flipping the switches and tossing the balls. Konrad throws a ball up and it lands on his head.

Kat tries the switches. The first switch is a light switch and the second switch turns off the gravity in the room.

The group attempts to pick up the balls and move them to the holes—which is a lot harder than it sounds without gravity. Konrad is not able to move his ball at first but
Darwynn and Davian have better luck. When the balls go into the holes a green light can be seen.

Brega tries to get a ball in a hole but ends up bouncing around along the floor.

Davian tries to get the last untouched ball in the hole and the ball bounces away. Davian goes after it and intercepts the ball. After the ball goes into the hole, a strange
symbol appears on the wall. The green lights disappear and the balls come back out to the floor.

Konrad picks up a paddle and examines it. He hits the ball and a light symbol appears on the opposite side.

Davian and Darwynn hit the balls and light up most of the sides of the balls.

Brega and Kat attempt to reach the balls and hit them. Kat manages to hit her ball and another side lights up.

Darwynn is still down at the cage but Davian gets in the game.

Davian drifts toward the wall. Kat pushes off from the wall and hits the ball with the most sides lit up.

The ball moves toward Brega, but she misses what should have been an easy shot.

Darwynn pushes up and hits the ball causing another side to light up.

Kat hits a different ball.

Brega hits the ball that is nearly completely illuminated. Darwynn moves toward the same ball and hits it toward Davian.

The final hit causes lights to appear around one of the holes. Davian attempts to get to the full lit ball but misses.

Brega moves into the corner by the lit hole and sticks to the wall.

Suddenly, a commotion is heard outside the room. Davian pushes himself toward the gravity switch. Konrad vigorously blows himself to the floor.

Despite her best attempt, Brega is unable to get the ball to the hole.

Darwynn moves to the corner and swings the ball back to the hole but it doesn’t go in. Fortunately, this time, Brega is able to make the shot.

A big scary group of creatures comes into the room.

The explorers move toward the floor in preparation for turning the gravity back on.

The creatures move into attack positions.

Davian pulls the gravitational lever and everyone drifts to the floor.

The attack begins…

Darwynn and Davian become grappled. They try their best to break free but do not. Kat misses her attack and Konrad and Brega step back.

Darwyn and Davian remained grappled for a bit but Darwynn is able to slip free soon after.

Brega does a little damage to the creature holding her.

Konrad uses his claws to also do some damage.

Next, everyone (except Brega) gets out of the grapple.

Brega casts Ray of Enfeeblement on her captor while the head creature examines each of the party.

Darwynn moves suddenly, provoking an attack by 3 creatures but all punches miss!

Finally, Brega is able to get out of the grapple.

…and the attack ends.

The creatures laugh at the antics of the adventurers and leave the room at the direction of their coach/leader.

Scryar, the mudroom creature comes into the game area to speak with the group and tells them about “the sick place”. They also learn that leader of the other creatures is called Kanavard.

“The sick place” provides treatment (mud stream) for the illness. Scryar then talks about the library and the guards. It is believed that the guards would possibly have the treatment or the cure.

The adventurers return to the mudroom so that Darwynn could receive treatment.

The others stakeout the stairs and the hallway while Kat is listening at the game room door.

Kanavard leads the creatures back into the game room and Scryar goes up to talk to them.

Kanavard says that they might help the group with proper motivation. He wants 2 members of the group to fight for their entertainment.

The adventurers refuse and the creatures leave the room, barring the door again.

Next day, the group suggests telling stories and singing as entertainment.

Kanavard’s counteroffer includes the telling of stories and a fight to submission. The group attempts to renegotiate but Kanavard goes away again.

Davian’s curiosity gets the better of him and he explores the ball return, taking damage for this trouble.

Another day goes by and Kanavard returns again to negotiate…

Kanavard leads the group to the cafeteria, which will serve as the arena. The fight will be the first act: Kat vs Davian…

Kat hits herself and does damage. Davian misses Kat. Davian hits and does a little damage. Then, Kat lands a hit on Davian and does quite a bit of damage.

Davian tries to add a little flair to their performance and ends up unconscious on the floor. Congrats Kat!

Darwynn begins telling stories-- this fulfills the agreement with Kanavard and the group will be taken to the guards for further assistance.

It’s worth noting that after story time, the group also learned that the demon patients talk about people going missing (into another dimension) over the past 50 years or so—including a whole hospital.

It’s all related… but how?” The elegant lizard lady sits back in her chair and crosses her limbs in expectation.

The companion shook her wooly head. “I have no idea and my coffee is cold—so thanks for that.”
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