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Recovery of Amicas
09 February 2019 10a
Atomic Empire in Durham

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Main » 2018 » March » 24 » Placeholder notes from March 10
7:30 AM
Placeholder notes from March 10
***PLEASE NOTE: I will repost this content as a narrative when I post the write up for today's game (3/24/18)***

Davian searches for secret doors but does not find any. Davian does a survival check for traps but did not find any.

Everything is covered in a thick layer of fluffy dust, there is an ancient dwarven feel to the place, it is dark.

Davian casts light on his short sword to light the way for the party to continue to explore the immediate area. Davian performs a trap check of the stairs and everything looks clear.

The party comes to an open room, it is a grand and cavernous hall. Two mining cart tracks run across the room, one track ends in a rubble pile. There is a set of finely carved double doors stand at the North end of the room. A staircase also winds upward.

Davian examines the doors for traps and finds no traps.

Kat looks down the tracks and hears something in the darkness.

Darwynn does not see anything on the stairs.

Konrad examines the language and recognizes it is an ancient form of dwarven but can’t read it.

Darwynn casts a spell on Kat to buff her strength…

Brega gets ready for trouble by casting mage armor and shield on herself.

Darwynn casts a ball of fire and sends it down the tunnel which hits something and bursts and then dissipates.

The stone gollum comes into the room and calls Konrad ‘master’. It’s not attacking anyone and seems to obey Konrad because of the dwarven sword he recovered from the foundry.

Davian picks the lock with some difficulty and opens the door about an inch. Its a very heavy door.

Davian finds a smaller room that appears to be the office of the mine. It has a desk with filing cabinets. There is a small cell at the end of room with a woman inside the cage. There are also 2 large ogres standing guard.

The woman screams out “Help me! They are going to eat me!” The woman is named Serene, looks like a farmer’s wife.

Darwynn casts grease at the doorway. Davian gets caught up in the grease but manages to stay standing.

Kat and Chunk (the gollum) move forward to the edge of the grease.

Brega moves closer to Darwynn so she is in range to cast.

Konrad casts shield of faith on himself…
Davian goes into the grease but doesn’t get the door open. Brega casts knock but doesn’t get the door open either.

The screaming continues behind the door…

Davian steps out of the grease.

Konrad directs Chunk the stone gollum to smash the door but he has to go into the grease and falls.

Brega tries again to cast knock on the door but fails.

Konrad tries to move Chunk but ends up injuring his foot.

Kat tries to get Chunk off of Konrad’s foot. Konrad and Kat move Chunk back out of the grease.

The noise behind the door dies down.

Darwynn calls to the ogres beyond the door but there is no response. Next, she tries diplomacy.

The party hears rustling beyond the door, things being moved around.

Suddenly, the door opens and there is a 3rd ogre standing there and it screams at the party. The woman/witch is actually an ogre, but she doesn’t seem quite right.

The witch ogre attacks…

Darwynn casts grease which causes the ogre witch to fall.

Davian attacks while the ogre is prone…

Kat misses her attack.

Chunk hits the ogre and does a significant amount of damage… she is nearly dead.

The ogres get ready to attack… The first ogre falls in the grease. The second ogre rushes up to Chunk and misses.

Davian takes his short sword and plunges it into the prone ogre witch, who is clinging to life…

Kat attacks the prone ogre and kills her finally…

Chunk uppercuts the standing ogre and it sticks to the wall sliding down slowly, badly injured.

The 3rd ogre falls into the grease and lands onto the other ogre.

Konrad directs Chunk to attempt to rip down one of the doors.

Brega casts Ray of Frost and does a little damage to one of the ogres.

Darwynn attacks the top ogre and kills him.

The bottom ogre is still alive and will attempt to throw the dead body but fails, sliding the corpse off of him instead.

Chunk finishes off the last ogre…

Darwynn begins to search the desk and cabinets. The desk is empty and dusty… any paper would have disintegrated long ago.

The group asked Chunk about the rail cart tunnel but it only contains rubble.

The party goes up the staircase to the landing. There is a door ahead…

Chunk doesn’t see anything of note. Davian checks for traps and opens the door.

Thick iron wood door that is very old. The room is messy but also seems warm and comfortable, despite the garbage around the room which consists of broken furniture and bones…

A table stands in the room and there is a pantry in the corner.

Davian shuffles into the room and looks around. He notices that when he steps on the bones they disintegrate, the wood of the floor is dry and rotten. Dust flies up.

Davian searches the pantry and Darwynn searches the table.

Davian finds fresh food but Konrad investigates to see if there is magic in the room. The pantry seems like it could be the source of the magic. Konrad observes fresh meat and potatoes.

Darwynn finds that the table includes a grill and the group debates cooking the meat…

Davian observes that the magic of the pantry is very, very old.

Darwynn observes that the grill table is possibly operated by a passphrase?

The party leaves the room and continues on to another set of stairs, going down.

The group comes to room which smells bad and the party hears yapping canine howls. There is a mine cart in the center the group with tracks leading in and out.

The party discusses what to do next… walking the tracks as they descend. Chunk leads the way. The yapping howls are getting louder.

The group is starting to get tired, Konrad suggests heading back in the opposite direction back to the magical pantry so the group can rest and sleep. Davian, Kat, Konrad rotate on watch until the next morning.

(magic sword = control rod)

Chunk has not turned up but the group decides it is time to go down the other rail cart tunnel…

And then the group changes their mind and heads back down the first tunnel to look for Chunk. They walk for about an hour and find Chunk laying on his side. He’s stuck.

The group debates the best course of action…

Once unstuck, Chunk is to continue down the first tunnel until the end of the tunnel while the group explores the other tunnel.

As the group proceeds down the 2nd tunnel the air begins to cool and Davian perceives that there is a larger space ahead. The space has a pile of rubble and an ancient Dwarven statue with emerald eyes down in the sinkhole.

There is a 5 ft wide, 30 ft deep sinkhole.

A mine cart is suspended over the void. Davian attempts to open the door at the opposite end of the room. The door enters with a rusty squeak. There is a 30 ft by 30 ft office. This was a counting room at some point in the past.

Davian begins to search the room and the desk. Davian looks up and sees a ghost of the accountant that once worked in the room.

The ghost doesn’t see Davian until Davian speaks to him. The accountant is complaining that he can’t find the time cards. The safe is missing. It was stolen by a small dragon. The dragon’s lair is down the deepest shaft. The safe will only open by combination. The accountant will not give Davian the combination so Davian tells the accountant that he will get the safe back.

The accountant explains how to find the dragon.

Davian asks how to operate the kitchen/magic pantry.

Next, Davian fills the group in regarding his conversation with the specter.

Davian decides to climb down the sinkhole to get the emeralds from the statue. He’s unsuccessful and then ties the rope around the statue with the intent of having Kat pull the statue up.

Darwynn flies down to try to get the emeralds. She manages to get one stone out.

Kat climbs down to get the other emerald off the statue. She pops it off with ease.

The group journey down into the tunnel in search of the dragon and the safe. There is a ceremonial room with a hole (pit) at its center. On the west side of the room stand a massive set of doors.

The group observes a set of stairs down into the pit. Also, there are markings that would indicate that there was once a set of tracks in the room.

There are two ziggrats/statues plus a bridge between them.

Davian and Briga try to open the doors but they do not open.

Davian casts light on a rock and throws it into the pit. It illuminates the stairs as it goes down until it can no longer be seen.

The staircase does not look safe.

The group decides to go back to look for Chunk… but first, they stop for lunch.

Konrad tells the grill “Hot!” and the grill starts to heat. Suddenly, several ghosts appear in the room.

A powerful fey creature appears. It is malevolent. But the group decides to try to eat regardless.

The creature appears to ignore the group or not be aware that the group is in the room.

Brega and Kat discovers that their non-magical equipment starts to rust. The group decides to leave the kitchen room at that point.

Konrad considers attacking the creature that only he can see at this point because he can see through illusion.

Brega tries 3 times to dispel magic on Kat’s chain mail but fails all 3 times.

Konrad prepares to engage the creature in combat.

He manages to break the creature’s invisibility so the rest of the group can join in battle.

Darwynn casts grease and the creature goes down. Konrad and Davian engage the creature directly.

Davian falls into the grease.

Darwynn jumps into the action and is not affected by the grease. She readies her bow and misses.

(Creature = Grimm)

The Grimm casts “dimension door”.

Konrad attacks and misses.

The Grimm disappears through the dimension door.

Kat loses her chain shirt, Brega loses her dagger and Davian loses his thieves tools to rust.

The group jumps into the mine cart and goes down the first tunnel in search of Chunk.

After about 20 minutes of travel, Konrad spots the rubble pile and tells Kat to pull the break and stop. Chunk says, “There you are, master.”

Konrad instructs Chunk to remove the rubble and join the group.
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