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Recovery of Amicas
30 May 2020 10a
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The Stein and Sword



Dearest Mother,


As if the letters I’ve already written don’t sound far fetched enough, I&r ... Read more »

Category: Recovery of Amicas | Views: 59 | Added by: Michelle | Date: 03 Apr 2020

My friends! Good news! The lost scrolls have been recovered! Though small pieces were missing the following text is a faithful accounting of the events contained herein...


Through the dense brambles, a gate can be seen. Overgrown with weeds, the gate opens outward with an inviting feeling. The garden beyond has grown wild, but it is still recognizable as a garden.

A path can be seen despite the overgrowth. The skydome overhead provides light which illuminates the garden.

The party of adventurers hears voices arguing. Under a large tree is a unicorn with a pear on it’s head, impaled through the horn. The unicorn is standing and in conversation with a creature, while he is playing what appears to be a game of keep away. The creature wants the pear and the unicorn does not want him to have it!

The small creature’s head doesn’t look real. Dar-wynn strides toward the pair to speak with them.

The goblin c ... Read more »
Category: Recovery of Amicas | Views: 36 | Added by: Melissa | Date: 08 Feb 2020

The party finds a room coated in a black oily material and there is a moat of that very oil in front of the door. They spot the shape of a pillar and a figure that Damien sensed the evil radiating from them. When the evil figure noticed them, they started firing arrows at the group, who had retreated to the doorway with Damien holding his shield up while Pip fired back at the evil creature to minimal success. Eventually the party decided to light up one of Pip’s arrows and he fires it in front of the creature so that the Damien can see the creature and trigger Smite Evil. Meanwhile, Dar-Wynn (still afflicted with limited intelligence) continued to stay at Pip’s feet while showing a disdain for Damien, who had tried to shoo her away to get to a safer spot behind Pip. The group then start to traverse the moat through various means but Pip and Damien fall in the moat. The oil in the moat attempts to cause the two to give into despair and sink into the pit, but through their willpower, the ... Read more »
Category: Recovery of Amicas | Views: 101 | Added by: Russ | Date: 09 Jan 2020

The Stein and Sword

Dearest Mother,

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve written.  I’ve seen so many amazing things and met so many wonderful friends.  Let me tell you of my latest friend/pet/eternal slave…

We were in a room that had a deep pit in the center and two large boulders on a track at the edge of the room.  It turns out the rooms was the lair of a pair of sphinxes.  They were a very friendly sort that took a great liking to me.  I might even have stayed with them for a bit if they’d been able to produce a lovely collar, but alas they didn’t have one.  We paid our fee and went onto the next hallway.  

After entering the next hall I was surprised by a human fellow who had apparently been following us opening the door behind me.  As I was currently claiming that hall and had lost a good bit of loot to the sphinxes, I offered to let him pass or ... Read more »

Category: Recovery of Amicas | Views: 174 | Added by: Michelle | Date: 14 Nov 2019

The Fellowship of the Silent Observers
Field Report(s) 103, 104

Following the departure of Kat, the group again encounters Davian, now King of the Dragons. King Davian offers the adventurers dragons to ride after they go through the proper training. (It is worth noting that these dragons are adolescents and are not the sort inclined to speak.)

Damian, the newest member of the group, goes into the dragon enclosure to greet the dragons. A few dragons approach and one, in particular, takes an interest in Damian. Damian names this golden dragon Agatha. The new friends take a walk to get acquainted, but Damian ends up being dragged by Agatha’s harness.

Brega goes in next to meet the dragons. She adopts a light blue dragon and names him, Thor. Fortunately for Brega, she seems to be on the same page with Thor.

Konrad follows and spends time with the dragons. Two dragons start checking him out and Konrad decides to take the red dragon ... Read more »
Category: Recovery of Amicas | Views: 143 | Added by: Melissa | Date: 19 Oct 2019

Because all of the other students think we suck, we (by their suggestion) head to the library to hone our paltry skills. The librarian gives us a phlegm covered book and tells us that the chapters 1-7 are the most important. We find out that we should imagine certain things while casting low-level non-lethal spells. We should envision other effects while casting, and focus on these effects. This practice will allow us to retain more spells.

Tuesday of that week a funny thing happened. All of the other students were overcome by the effects of a love potion someone had doused the food with in the dining hall. Konraad was unaffected, but Dar-Wynn became infatuated with Klik, the automaton instructor. We had to restrain her until the potion wore off.
The next day, after everyone was hungover from the love potion, Klik announced there was a problem at the foundry. A bunch of magical traps had become sentient and she needed volunteers to help gather them up. After arrivin ... Read more »
Category: Recovery of Amicas | Views: 302 | Added by: Russ | Date: 27 Jul 2019

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