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Recovery of Amicas
19 October 2019 10a
Atomic Empire in Durham

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Because all of the other students think we suck, we (by their suggestion) head to the library to hone our paltry skills. The librarian gives us a phlegm covered book and tells us that the chapters 1-7 are the most important. We find out that we should imagine certain things while casting low-level non-lethal spells. We should envision other effects while casting, and focus on these effects. This practice will allow us to retain more spells.

Tuesday of that week a funny thing happened. All of the other students were overcome by the effects of a love potion someone had doused the food with in the dining hall. Konraad was unaffected, but Dar-Wynn became infatuated with Klik, the automaton instructor. We had to restrain her until the potion wore off.
The next day, after everyone was hungover from the love potion, Klik announced there was a problem at the foundry. A bunch of magical traps had become sentient and she needed volunteers to help gather them up. After arrivin ... Read more »
Category: Recovery of Amicas | Views: 116 | Added by: Russ | Date: 27 Jul 2019

"Professor Savesha puts newcomers to the test--they persevere through working together."
"In next test, newcomers fail to impress."
"The rumor comes out: Meeda gets shipment of mysterious crates. Refuses to give answers--what is she hiding??"
"Fezmet expresses gratitude to newcomer sorcerer for returning his divination journal. Professor returns favor by giving her a special box to open in time of need. What's in the box?"
"Brega moves up in her magical abilities. How far shall she go? Can her companions keep up?"
"Newcomers fail to work together in the arena. Can a new set of magic rings truly tip the scales in their favor?"
Category: Recovery of Amicas | Views: 58 | Added by: Russ | Date: 12 Jul 2019

“Air is moving? Local Bard Senses That It is Neither Alive nor Dead.”

“Aggressive Otherworldly Creatures Kept Locked Up in the School Dungeon. The Question is Why?”

“Party finds Mechanical Creatures Attack the Party. The Party Defeats the Mechanical Timestealers Without Messing Up.”

“Party of New Students Find a Red Leprechaun in The Dungeon. Local Bard Tries to Befriend and Protect the Creature after Fellow Cleric hits It Really Hard. Is It Secretly Up to No Good?”

“Professor Click Finds Rowdy Students in the Dungeon and Dares to Put Bobby in a Corner.”

“Party is Once Again Reunited Outside of the Dungeon.”

“During Breakfast, Kat Studies While The Lich Sentences Everyone else to Detention.”

“Is The Lich the next William Shakespeare? Rejection Letter says Otherwise.”

“The Week’s Exams Begin: Konrad emerges as the only person that passes.”

“Students Dar-Wynn, Brega, and K ... Read more »
Category: Recovery of Amicas | Views: 95 | Added by: Russ | Date: 14 Jun 2019


The Stein and Sword



Dearest Mother,

You wouldn’t believe the things that go on at this crazy school.  In the middle of lunch some guy that walked in with a collar on and nothing else then passed out.  It didn’t seem to faze people much as they just drug him off to the dungeon by the groundskeeper.  We heard from one of the other students named Olivia, that several of the students have been going missing.  She said she’d find out the names of the other students that have gone missing and talk to their roommate to see if she could figure anything out.  Unfortunately, that was the last we saw of Oliva as she joined the ranks of the missing with only a few things left under her bed.


The headmaster has disappeared as well and it’s really upset everyone since he was the most powerful people around. 


Then there was the incident wi ... Read more »

Category: Recovery of Amicas | Views: 88 | Added by: Michelle | Date: 17 May 2019

Nathandrix provided each of us with amulets that will prevent us from dying. We will be cocooned if there is a threat of dying.

We are pulled into the arena. There are two rows of trees creating a path. We are at one end. A group of 5 individuals stands at the other. We can't move.

A glowing ball begins pulsing (a countdown). We can't move our feet, but we can move our hands to cast spells.

Kat moves adjacent to opponent on far left.

Opponent turns rock beneath me to mud until I sink and then another reforms it to stone. As the first opponent moves I take an attack of opportunity (crit).

Darwynn moves up and attacks one of the opponents with her claws.

Opponent casts to dump mud on Darwynn, but she moves out of the way.

Konrad casts doom on one of the opponents.

Darwynn moves behind a tree and opponent casts to dump mud over her. Another casts mud over Brega. Another over me and a fo ... Read more »
Category: Recovery of Amicas | Views: 232 | Added by: Robyn | Date: 04 Feb 2019

In the quest for magical engineering, the group of valiant adventurers are directed to the dining hall to eat a great feast.

Everyone in the party sits with Nethandric, who sits at the head of the table. Again, Nethandric asks the party about the nature of their quest.

Dar-wynn and Konrad explain that they are on a mission to repair the barrier between the planes of existence. That segues into a discussion of magical engineering and the adventurers are told that there will be an arena test that will be graded on a pass/fail scale.

The overriding question is: Does the group have all necessary components (skills, aptitude) to learn magical engineering.

Magical engineering is about combining spells to great effect.

Amicas is the one individual who can fix the barriers between the worlds, so ultimately, that is the goal of the quest. To find Amicas.

The headmaster knows where Amicas is but the group will likely d ... Read more »
Category: Recovery of Amicas | Views: 206 | Added by: Melissa | Date: 15 Dec 2018

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