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Recovery of Amicas
18 May 2019 10a
Atomic Empire in Durham

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The party that defeated demons and restored a draconic guardian in Covenant spent the first hours of its interplanar jaunt tossing worthless coins off a floating plaform.

Between the platforms that mattered, two fifty-by-fifty squares floating in a pink sea of unknowable sky, lay a bridge, forty feet below them, of five smaller platforms. At intervals of 18 seconds apiece, they shot flames upwards all the way up the forty-foot difference. The jump down to the first platform seemed dangerous enough, but to be pressed to then jump the remaining platforms, then figure out how to climb back up forty feet to the destination platform seemed impossible. So there we sat, tossing small change to study the physics of the dimension, and pretending to ignore the stark reality of our situation.

I searched the platform twice. I poked each tile, stood up and stomped on them. The way forward clearly lay over the bridge of fiery detonation. DarWynn even fired arrows across, bu ... Read more »
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"Hold that fish!" Screamed Katagume.

"Why?" I asked in disbelief. The monstrosity, barely qualifying as a fish at all, was made of stone, the size of my torso, trying to bite me, and pinning me down to the bottom of our boat. As bad an idea as holding onto it seemed, I couldn't think of a better plan.

"HOLD THE FISH," Katagume stated firmly. "It's OURS."

Ours. DarWynn's half-sister, Katagume "Kat" the half-orc, had joined our crew after a night of heavy drinking. We had to fill out the rest of the party after the tragic losses of Yalandra and Lead Tiger, and the mysterious disappearance of Myrna. Adventurers see a pretty high turnover rate these days, with all the demon invasions and possessed Dragons. The city of Covenant built a statue of old Lead Tiger. I feel like he probably would have enjoyed beating a fungus-monster to death with it. The legend of Lead Tiger's last stand had proven useful in recru ... Read more »
Category: Recovery of Amicas | Views: 199 | Added by: Albert | Date: 16 Nov 2017

The party climbs to top of tower and sees that there are hundreds of demons. Town has been evacuated to the Dragon's den and are safe behind metal doors. Davian notices a dragon tail on a distant mountain range. Darwin attempts to call for boots but does not get a response. The group needs a plan to get to the mountain. Gran says that there is a secret passage of tunnels, but that they have to distract the demons. Cantankerous, Gran and two guards are with an old fairy in the kitchen. The group hears muffled wails of pain. The guard is grinding the fairy into dust which is put into ale. Cantankerous drinks the ale and runs out into demon horde. The group see that Chippy & Jumpy are standing on a roof. The door closes behind Cantankerous. The group hears explosions. Regalia leads the group through secret tunnels which come out next to the dragon's den.

They travel through a corn field, across a creek and come out at an upslope towards a plateau. They hear noises that they r ... Read more »
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The Stein and Sword




Dearest Mother,


I’ve seen a sight I hope not to see again any time soon. We arrived back at the dragon’s home to find a horde of demons surrounding the city. Hundreds of them were attempting to climb what pitiful walls the city could claim. We circled around to the front gates away from the bulk of the horde. As we got closer to the gate we could observe them more closely. They didn’t appear to be acting how I’d consider ‘demons’ to act, though I’m not entirely sure why I’d say that. There were several different kinds of demons, but seem to lack any kind of organization or hierarchy, instead attacking anything and everything in a crazed and disorganized fashion.


As we debated how to get Cantankerous to the palace, Lead Tiger shifted his unconscious form across his shoulders. We knew that the only way to ... Read more »

Category: Recovery of Amicas | Views: 280 | Added by: Michelle | Date: 13 Oct 2017

Coming up next on the Pirate Channel, DRUNK HISTORY:

Gather ‘round ye lot, I’m goin' t' be tellin' ye a story…

Followin' th' noisy, slimy destruction o' th' giant mushroom dear ol' mum, bless her black soul goddess, a secret passage be discovered through th' gelatinous mess.

Davian, th' rogue, makes his way along th' passage t' a room dominated by an even bigger darker stinkier mushroom giant.

Davian throws another packet o' fungicide but did not notice huge spore-roids until they were chasin' that scurvey dog back down th' passage. The ornery cuss attempts t' close th' door t' keep th' spore-roids out and Myrna, th' fighter, moves t' assist.

Th' door flies open throwin' Myrna back. Yo-ho-ho!

Two spor-roids come noisily into th' room ready t' fight! Splice the mainbrace!

One spor-roid slams th' fighter into th' wall but somehow also throws itself into th' wall causin' more damage t' itself than t ... Read more »
Category: Recovery of Amicas | Views: 234 | Added by: Melissa | Date: 07 Oct 2017

It is still with great caution that I regard the Gnome, Larm. Anyone with the kind of command over magical plants that he displayed could kill me faster by accident than on purpose, and that's a dangerous capability for an ally.

In a castle dungeon full of illogical magic and bizarre creatures, a guide is probably a bigger asset than any weapon. Such was the party's priority when we formed a pact with Larm to clear out his fungus problem, a side of his irresponsible experimentation, no doubt. The group had proven strong against pigs, bandits, zombie dragons, and ogres in the past, so a walking mushroom seemed beatable, and the Gnome could show us our way out afterwards, or perhaps even to treasure.

Larm had five sacks full of antifungal dust. He called them Packets. Although the antifungal dust would burn the mushrooms and mold up, the fungi were showing evolution. They could coat the packets in their vile goop, and stop the packet from dispersing dust. We wou ... Read more »
Category: Recovery of Amicas | Views: 252 | Added by: Albert | Date: 08 Sep 2017

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