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Pathfinder [Jessi]
18 November 2017 10a
Atomic Empire in Durham

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A brass bell chimes as Flan, Yalandra and Kurdreg enter the blacksmith shop through a crude but sturdy wooden door. A high pitched voice greets them and Kurdreg looks around to see where it could be coming from. They all expect to see a small child or perhaps a young woman, but are taken aback to see a large imposing man, his build evidence of his arduous trade. They all tilt their heads to take in the relatively giant figure and are momentarily paralyzed by the beady eyes bearing down on them from a head that appears to belong to a rat.

“Welcome folks. Take a look around. Let me know if anything catches your eye.” The squeak of his words is almost comical. Kurdreg and Yalandra manage to compose themselves and peruse the shop, hoping to find tools that will be useful on their journey, but also that they can afford.

“What's up with your head?” Kurdreg cringed hoping he didn't actually hear those word coming from Flan. “H ... Read more »

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The Safka Expedition: Part I
By Nori Yfelcleaver

This is the story of the Safka Expedition funded by the town of Safka two generations after the Great Demon War. The town council came to an agreement that it was time to come out of isolation and seek the northwest pass to the larger subcontinent. Beyond that pass may lay opportunities to acquire exotic goods and more lucrative trade deals.

The truth be told, not many applied for this expedition. Most of us are young and bored with life on this isolated peninsula. I Nori Yfelcleaver for one, want to get out and see how the other settlements have fared. I want to learn more than is possible making the same potions day after day in Safka for the rest of my life. So, I fell in with a bunch of like minded young adventurers and entrepreneurs.

What started as a fact finding mission has developed an economic side to it thanks to our self-styled leader, the brewer Dar-Wynn. Dar-Wynn gave th ... Read more »

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