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Main » 2019 » February » 4 » Second Week of School: Battle Practice
10:02 AM
Second Week of School: Battle Practice
Nathandrix provided each of us with amulets that will prevent us from dying. We will be cocooned if there is a threat of dying.

We are pulled into the arena. There are two rows of trees creating a path. We are at one end. A group of 5 individuals stands at the other. We can't move.

A glowing ball begins pulsing (a countdown). We can't move our feet, but we can move our hands to cast spells.

Kat moves adjacent to opponent on far left.

Opponent turns rock beneath me to mud until I sink and then another reforms it to stone. As the first opponent moves I take an attack of opportunity (crit).

Darwynn moves up and attacks one of the opponents with her claws.

Opponent casts to dump mud on Darwynn, but she moves out of the way.

Konrad casts doom on one of the opponents.

Darwynn moves behind a tree and opponent casts to dump mud over her. Another casts mud over Brega. Another over me and a fourth turns it to stone.

Konrad casts searing light on an opponent.

Brega casts ice storm over an opponent and enclosed them in a sphere. It cocoons the opponent.

An opponent dumps mud on Brega. Another bonks me on the head and I cocoon. Another dumps more mud on Brega and she cocoons.

Konrad casts searing light again; unsuccessful. Darwynn attacks with claws; unsuccessful. Two opponents both mud Darwynn. She attempts to strike again unsuccessfully.

One opponent transforms mud to rock a second transforms it back. The spell backlashes and it falls on their comrade.

Two opponents do the mud to rock transformation on Kat. A siren goes off and we are transported back to the room where we started.


Battle the next day

Konrad casts web that misses. Enemy group creates cyclone and throws their potions into it.

Darwynn casts resilient sphere, but entraps herself. Brega successfully casts ice storm.

Konrad casts web successfully.

Opponent move from forward and tosses potions at me and Konrad. One causes acid damage to my armor so I remove it. The cyclone castor directs the cone between us and turns it off. One acid hits me so I take off my shirt. Some acid gets on my skin. Konrad is hit with poison.

Brega hits entire opponent group with fireball. Konrad casts another web.I spark the web with flame.

Brega casts ice storm and three go into cocoon. Konrad casts another web, but both escape. Kat activates fire rune an cleaves the last two.
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