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Main » 2016 » April » 24 » A Dogs' Life: Duncan Pizer
8:55 PM
A Dogs' Life: Duncan Pizer

Four of the Search/Destroy agents (Graves, Stingr, Ironfoot and Raven) opted to follow the warrant for Dunky Pizer, a petty criminal who had escaped from jail and fled to the recently terraformed world of Laredo. Although the reward for Pizer was minimal, the agents were aware that he might know the whereabouts of Willy Blanko, a major criminal figure with a much more substantial price on his head (the Galactic Crime Commission, or GCC, were offering 400,000 credits).

Graves' attempt at finding cheaper travel tickets backfired and the foursome ended up having to pay over-the-odds for steerage passage on a Galactic Colonial flight (which was temporarily delayed due to one of the ship's brain's tenor singers contracting croop and a replacement having to be found). After the long warp trip the agents arrived at Whostone, the only major city on Laredo and hired a van that was large enough to take all four of them out into the wilds to the frontier town of Galvez, where Pizer was meant to be hiding out.

Although the team of agents opted to make camp some way outside of Galvez and scout out the town the next morning, Graves and Raven decided to get a jump start and walked into the main street that evening (after having removed most, if not all of their armour). The pair promptly walked into the town's only saloon, being identified as mutants (despite being able to visibly pass as Norms) by a chained-up mutant with an incredibly large nose, Edward 'Snozz' Durante.

Graves and Raven found Pizer playing cards with a few of his henchmen in one corner of the bar and so immediately (if somewhat foolishly) drew their weapons, identified themselves as S/D agents, and demanded Pizer surrendered. Pizer's floozy, a mutant woman with a great body but a face that had its features in all the wrong places, tried to make peace between the two groups but the S/D agents refused to listen. A gunfight quickly broke out and although a couple of Pizer's henchmen were compelled to give themselves up by Graves' mutant ability to cause fear, Pizer proved a formidable foe with his extra pair of arms (a gift to him from Willy Blanko, the agents later found out). Agent Raven was shot in the chest, the blaster bolt being powerful enough to destroy her mesh armour and break several of her ribs, the force jolting her heart and knocking her unconscious. The floozy revealed herself to be 'Picasso' Jane Dubrowski, another S/D agent working undercover to locate the fugitive Willy Blanko, and she managed to capture on of the henchmen. Graves ducked behind an overturned table and managed to resuscitate Raven, who got off one shot with her Multi-Beam Blaster as Pizer tried to flee, freezing him in his tracks.

The team then attempted to interrogate Pizer as to the location of Blanko and despite his initial resistance he crumbled and told them Blanko was hiding in Sam's Hills at a place called Dead Man's Gulch. However, upon this betrayal a psionic trigger activated in Blanko's arms that had been grafted on to Pizer and they promptly burst into flame, killing Pizer almost immediately.

The four agents attempted to hand their prisoners in to the local Sheriff's office, only to be told that Picasso Jane had already claimed the bounty for the entire group. The team angrily bullied the Sheriff into handing over his patrol car (and the ownership papers too) as security until they could get their just reward. Agent Sting then took the wounded Agent Raven to the local free clinic, where the Norm doctors reluctantly treated her injuries.

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