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Main » 2020 » April » 3 » The Ant Queen & the Space Man
3:52 PM
The Ant Queen & the Space Man


The Stein and Sword



Dearest Mother,


As if the letters I’ve already written don’t sound far fetched enough, I’m actually now in a story or a storybook world any way.  I’ve met some of the strangest creatures but let me tell you about Marsley the Weaver.  On our quest we came to the manmolds in search of her.  We did try out best to be polite and knocked loudly at each door, but with no response we had no choice but to force our entry.  The entire inside of the building was a maze of corridors with dead ends.  We eventually discovered that we needed to look for secret passages in order to make our way further into the building.  Our meat shield, I mean our heroic (slave trading) paladin proceeded us as to trigger any traps laying in wait for us of which there were many.  Horrible scalding steam was blasted on him time after time, until he remembered his “space suit” which he donned, and it provided him protection.  After quite some time we made it to the inner chamber where we potted an enormous ant queen dipping larva into large pits of wax with another woman helping.  It was a rather creepy site.  Upon spotting us the ant queen grew enraged and attacked us (without provocation).  Our paladin took the brunt of it, but I of course ran to aide him.  The other woman just ran around screaming at us to stop, as her ant queen tried to make us into paste.  It was not the most heroic fight or even very extended as we all eventually disengaged.  I did get to see our paladin hopping around trying to take off his “space suit” though.  Once the ant queen, Marsley the Weaver, was willing to listen we were able to strike a deal.  In return for her token to help us in our quest, she only asked that we return all the tokens to her when our quest is finally complete if at all possible.  We decided that now was not the best time to tell her that our Paladin had actually promised to kidnap her grub children and sell them into slavery.  Instead we listened to her advice on how to find the Knight who is a most evil being that has been kidnapping the ant queens children.  Instead we shall see if there is any way to procure the grub children our paladin agreed to provide the smith from him once we catch up with him.  Things just keep getting stranger all the time. 


I’ll keep writing as I get a chance.  I hope things are going well at the inn and that I make it back to you all soon.  I could really use a beer about now.


Your Loving Daughter,


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