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Recovery of Amicas
6 October 2018 10a
Atomic Empire in Durham

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Main » 2018 » June » 16 » The Ghost Ship
8:16 AM
The Ghost Ship
When we last saw our heroes , they had just arrived in West Haven. They found death everywhere except in the center of town they found a curious person named Drazul. It becomes obvious that she is infected with the demonic disease. Surrounded by scores of dead bodies, she raises them as mindless zombies to attack us. Through sheer force of will, Konraad is able to dispatch almost all of them with one swift stroke.
Unfortunately, Drazul is able to dominate Konraad's mine and forces him to attack Dar-Wynn. Luckily she is resilient and able to withstand his attacks. Eventually Konraad is able to free himself from Drazul's bonds. Several giant zombies arrive to support their lesser kin. They are easily dealt with as well. Once the undead are wiped out, Drazul, contemplating her defeat, stares off into the distance, laughing. What she is looking at are hoards of evil creatures encroaching towards West Haven.
At that moment, Drazul collapses into a swarm of flies leaving behind only what appears to be the body of a small child. The skin of the body is bedecked with tattooed necromantic symbols. Hurriedly, we grab some rowboats near the shoreline and launch ourselves out to sea. About a half mile from shore we see the army overrun the town. Got out just in the nick of time. We continue down the coast until just before dark, and we set up camp for the night.
After a few days of relatively uneventful travel, we finally arrive in the town of Haven. The only occasions of note during our travel was a couple of nights during Brega's watch, she noticed some lights above the water about a hundred feet off shore. The first time they were accompanied by a chirping sound but the next time they were silent. We didn't think much of it at the time.
Our goal, given to us by Val the Dragon, was to find captain Bartemaeus who commanded the pirate ship, Corgi. Bartemaeus should then take us to see Nathandricks. Nathandricks would then help us to fix the tears in the fabric of our plane of existence.
During our visit we load up on supplies and upgrade some of our equipment. Upon investigation, it appeared that Bartemaeus was merely a legend and the Corgi is a ghost ship crewed by soulless madmen. We do manage to hire a boat to take us to the spot where this ghost ship is supposedly moored. We do indeed find the Corgi whose figurehead is a carved figure of a smiling corgi dog.
Dar-wynn flies up to the deck and sees no one. She calls out to the captain. Nothing. She makes her way to the captain's quarters. She finds that the doors had been hacked open and finds a mummified body there and a dagger embedded in the floor. An evil presence then haunts Dar-Wynn and compels her to grab the dagger and stab herself with it. She nearly slits her own throat with it before she comes to her senses. She then throws the dagger into the water over the side of the boat. Then we eventually find the Captain's Journal...
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